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Delicious French dishes for Breakfast in Yorkville


Good breakfast in Yorkville is all you need on a lazy weekend. How about something French? A classic French breakfast would be great to start your day.

Delicious French dishes for Breakfast in Yorkville


Here are some top French dishes for a good breakfast:


French Macarons are thin, crafted and flavored cookies which are sandwiched together with some stuffing. You can see numbers of flavors in Macarons. Macarons are smooth with a crisp shell with moist and chewy filling. This French dish is made from egg white, icing sugar, and almond powder. The stuffing is usually done by jam, ganache, or butter crème.


Oh, crepes! Crepes in a kind of crispy pancakes bake with wheat flour or buckwheat and thin like a sheet. Crepes are prepared by pouring the batter into a hot frying pan with a layer of oil or butter on the pan’s surface. You can eat crepes with butter or jam but whipped cream and Chocó-hazel makes it perfect for breakfast.


The baguette is authentic French cuisine. The baguette is a thin, long crusty loaf of bread baked with flour, yeast, water, and salt. Baguette has a soft filling but the outer layer is crispy. A perfect Baguette can be referred to as the best French breakfast which you can easily get on the streets. You can have plain baguette but some peanut butter and a good coffee would be the perfect match.


If you are planning a tasty French breakfast for your guests, serving escargot can be a good deal. Escargot is a quite alluring dish which can be prepared in different styles. Escargot is prepared with snails; snails are cooked in chicken soup with garlic butter. Meat or mushrooms can be stuff into the snail’s shell. If you are serving escargot to your guests, make sure you have special forks for extracting meat from the shell.


The warming pleasant aroma of the croissant is what you need to start your day. The croissant is a buttery and flaky pastry which is made of layered yeast-leavened dough. The dough has multiple layers with butter which are rolled and folded in sheets for multiple times. This is known as laminating which results in flaky texture, layered croissant.


If you preparing for Christmas and New Year’s celebration, oyster stew can be a perfect dish to serve. People usually love eating raw and alive oysters. But oyster stew is something you need on a chilly morning. Oysters can be eaten with lemon juice, vinegar or some sauce but, cooking your oysters in creamy onions and milk with add some extra flavor.

Crème Brulee

If we talk about French dessert, crème Brulee will be the first thought in everyone’s mind. This dish is usually known as trinity cream or brunt cream. Crème Brulee is prepared with a custard base and hardened caramelized on the top. Usually, vanilla is added for the custard base but some other flavorings can also taste well.

Agree or not, a tasty French dish with a cup of coffee can be the best breakfast for your weekend.

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