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Different KFC Meals from Around the World


KFC is a well-known fast food chain in the world. The name has earned a lot of reputation for its food. There are lots of options to choose from. However, every country has a different menu. The following post has the list of these different meals. Read them, and find more about your beloved brand. If you got some major food craving, then use the KFC offers.

Different KFC Meals from Around the World

Different KFC meals from around the world:

#1 – Thailand:

This beautiful country has a beautiful menu. One of the most unique items is the Chili lime chicken. It is also called as Wing Zeed. It is a spicy and fried chicken that is doused with lemon juice. There are various other unique items. The Shrimp donut is a doughnut shaped shrimp. This shrimp dish made of breaded and fried shrimp pieces. The Crispy egg Pie having custard filling is another unique meal.

#2 – Australia:

Australians love their cheese. Australians love their meat. And, the Australians always go big on the ketchup. Therefore, the menu items for Australia are different and full of these things. One of the most famous Australian menu items is ‘The Parmy’. It has the following:

  • Oatmeal bun
  • Two peices of Chicken Schnitzel
  • Cheese
  • Parmigiana Sauce

The Sara Lee caramel and chocolate mousse is only for the Australians.

#3 – France:

France has always been an original. Be it fashion; or be it food; it is always unique. All the French outlets stick to the original recipe for chicken. However, the dessert has undergone major experiments. Sweet Pie and Tiramisu are the only two options. These are the must-haves for sure.

Don’t forget to use the KFC Offers to make ‘France-WALA’ menu affordable.

#4 – London:

The London menu has The Wicked variety bucket. They have revised the popular slang for attracting customers. The notable dish is the Cajun Boxmaster meal. It has the following:

  • Chicken breast
  • Hash brown
  • Cheese
  • Cajun Sauce in a Tortilla

#5 – Arabian Menu:

The Arabian countries are really unique in many aspects. And their meal menu is even more unique. The brand also offers Ramadan meals and specialities in Arabian Countries. The Ramadan specialities include the Mini krispy kreme doughnuts. This is something you just can’t let your hands upon anywhere else.

#6 – Singapore:

The Singapore menu is one of the best morning menus. You can order Rosata Twister that has the following:

  • Vegetables
  • Chicken
  • Waffle or pancakes
  • Egg wrap with cheese

The breakfast menu also has porridge which is the local favourite. The lunch menu of Singapore has an amazing chicken and rice dish. This is served with a special sauce.

#7 – India:

The Indian you have plenty of vegetarian options as well. Almost all the major food brands offer vegetarian options in India. This is because the number of vegetarian people is relatively larger. The potato krisper is a highly popular Indian menu item. It is basically a sandwich that is made of potato patties. It is served with the tangy sauce. The veg strips are served with spicy sauce. They are the fried vegetable sticks. They are also popular in the vegetarian fraternity. The brownie sundae and Veg Zinger are also vegetarian options. The brand has really made an effort to grab the Indian market.

#8 – Denmark:

The Danish menu comprises of Indian inspired menu items. You can order an ‘Indian Twister menu’. Another popular item is the chicken wrap with curry sauce. The curry sauce can have Jalapenos or black pepper potatoes. The vanilla tart is a popular dessert.

#9 – Germany:

The German menu also has been Indian option. You can order from the Indian Zinger Menu. You can also order the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Thus, Germany is sweeter than Denmark. (just for laughs!!)

#10 – China:

China is one of the biggest markets for the brand. It is highly popular among the masses. You can get a lot of regional menu items such as:

  • Double Sichuan spicy chicken burger
  • Shrimp burger
  • Curry pork chop with rice
  • Italian vegetable chicken and rice

So, now you have all the information at your hand. You can use it along with the KFC Offers; RIGHT??

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