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10 Best Techniques of NLP


Who doesn’t want success in his life and to reach there every person works towards goals. Many People succeed while other fail, sadly. What are the reasons of your potential failures? What can you do to overcome your failures? Answer is NLP. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a way towards transformation of life. Individuals facing problems that are psychological in nature, can get rid of issues like low confidence, low self-esteem, fears and anxieties. Next question, how? Through an effective NLP Training.

10 Best Techniques of NLP

Below are some of the best methods which are executed in NLP Training:

1. Affirmations

Affirmation means emotional encouragement or support. This technique can help an individual build focus in his life. Numerous people set their goals in life but get lost in terms of the direction towards them. This approach puts emphasis on setting the direction instead of just the goal. And it doesn’t just end at setting the direction, but keeps along to modify the direction as needed such that the path stays motivational.

2. Targeting Bad Memories

This technique deals with the past Bad memories of an individual. Here, the person is trained how to deal with them. The individual is guided to find a place where he can relax and then instructed on how to remove the bad part from his/her memories.

There is a saying, ‘something Good is present even in the Bad’. And hence, this part also teaches how to take good learnings from the bad memories.

3. Beliefs

Everyone has a belief in something or someone. Often neglected is the fact that a belief can also be negative. Now suppose you have a negative belief about yourself that you can’t do well in the upcoming exams or in your life. There is enough literature that proves that definitely you will not perform your best (or will perform half-heartedly). This belief on yourself effects on what you do. This technique assesses your beliefs and teaches you about how to overcome your negative beliefs.

4. Perceptual Positions

It is a method of NLP through which one can develop one’s skills by interpreting other person’s role. In short, by ‘walking a mile in his shoes’. It will help a lot as you are right in the position of that person and can relate what he thinks or what he does in a particular situation. There are 5 Perceptual Positions used in the NLP Training in India.

5. Phobia Cure

Overcoming your phobia always strikes as a nightmare thought. NLP is one of the most successful technique to overcome phobia. This method includes some special techniques used to remove the phobia from one’s mind forever and it is very effective. Techniques can even help in reducing anxiety and panic in phobic situations.

6. Meditation and Hypnosis

These two terms are well known to almost every person in the world today. NLP uses these two methods as panacea to all problems. Meditation has been used since ancient times for relaxation of mind and body. Hypnosis is something quite different from Meditation. Hypnosis deals with our sub-conscious mind towards delivering a change in our behaviour. NLP Trainers have a deep understanding of Hypnosis and it is used in process to increase a person’s focus.

7. Luck Factor

First question which might come in everyone’s mind here is, what is the Relation between NLP and Luck?

While there may be some, but it is clear enough that every successful person is not equally lucky. People make opportunities for themselves and thus become lucky. NLP teaches how to create opportunities. One of the methods in this technique is widening your network. This increases the chances of getting a lead in whatever you are seeking.

8. Mental Rehearsal

It is one of the most important parts of the NLP In India. Mental Rehearsal is very useful in skill development for an individual. As the name suggest it deals with rehearsing the difficult conditions. For Example, if you rehearse even something so muscular tissue dominated as a 100 m race, it will definitely add to improve your race timings. Mental Rehearsal increases the chances of executing a right action at a proper time and to the right extent. Not just that, a mental rehearsal will make you feel more confident about it and will most effectively give a fruitful result.

9. NLP Meta Programmes and Preferences

NLP Meta Programmes deal with the preferences of an individual. For Example, if you realise within that you have done a great job then you are internally referenced but if some other person tells you that you have done a good job then you are externally referenced. These methods are very helpful in communicating and influencing others. They also help us in better understanding of ourselves and others.

10. Modelling

Some NLP Trainers consider modelling as the most important technique. In this method one aims to copy the ways of other people in which they get success. By trying different ways, it is easy to choose what works best for us. This way, we can improve our results. NLP Modelling is all about achieving a feat by replicating what other successful individuals do, and thus finding your right fit.


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