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Develop React Native on Windows — Tips to Start with React Native Windows Development App


Develop React Native On Windows

I know, the title will irritate you when you know everything about developing Android applications, But as a developer keeping yourself updated with the latest technology is essential so you would now be able to Develop React Native On Windows also, setting up for Windows development is considerably natural process, however the download steps can tough. Let’s start!

Stage 1: Prerequisites

Windows 10: Currently, just Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications are authoritatively supported. You might have the capacity to do development from a more established variant of Windows as long as you have a Windows 10 device accessible to run the application on remotely.

Note: If working from a Virtual Machine, you’ll need to give it access to however many centers as would be prudent to decrease install and assembly times. Microsoft provides free VMs some development tools pre-installed at modern.ie from there Download and installs Visual Studio 2015 with Update 3

Stage 2: Introduce Your React Native Project

Open a charge provoke: Win + cmd.

Install React Native: npm I — g react-native-cli

Name your project: react-native init MyProject, or you can choose according to your choice.

Stage 3: Configure Your Project for Windows Development

Utilize ReactNative0.41.0 in package.json

Install the React Native Windows CLI Plugin: npm I — spare dev rpm-module windows

Run the Windows introduction summon: react-native windows — windows version 0.41.0-rc.0

Open MyProject/windows/MyProject.sln in Visual Studio

Take after the prompts to install the Windows 10 SDK v. 10.0.10586.0

Note: You’ll need to do this progression once per machine.

In the condition when select Developer Mode in the Settings window under “Utilize developer includes” and support the Certificate Installation ask.

Run your application react-native run-windows

Stage 4: Done!

That is it! Presently you can begin assembling your React Native Windows Application. With UWP, you can focus on your application at any gadget running Windows 10, from headless IoT gadgets to HoloLens to Xbox and work areas/workstations and telephones!

Some of you most likely have your hearts set on developing a work area application for more seasoned adaptations of Windows, and you’re not the only one. BlueJeans, one of our recognized customers, is liberally supporting the development of Windows 7/8.1 support into React Native Windows as a feature of the development of their cutting edge video conferencing customer and it will be accessible sooner rather than later. At the point when Windows 7/8.1 support is prepared we’ll be posting another article, so buy into Red Shift and look at the BlueJeans Blog for refreshes on their cutting edge video conferencing customer.

React native windows development Tools


Atom is a word processor that is present day, agreeable, Unhackable profoundly. It’s a device you can redo to do anything other than additionally utilize profitably while never contacting a config document.

Atom enables you to browse a vast number of open-source packages that add new highlights and usefulness to it or manufacture a package sans preparation and publish it for every other person to utilize. It’s likewise simple to tweak and style Atom.


A nuclide is worked as a single package over Atom to give the hackability and the support of a functioning network. It provides a top of the line development condition for React Native, Hack, and Flow projects.

Nuclide enables you to enhance the nature of your JavaScript with worked in support for Flow, including autocomplete, bounce to-definition, and inline blunders.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight however groundbreaking source code editorial manager. It is used for supporting programming language like, Typescript, Javascript, and Most important Node.j.

React Native Windows Development


It is also use to support Javascript. It encourages you to compose applications that act reliably, keep running in various environments (customer, server, and native), and are anything but trying to test. Over that, it gives an extraordinary developer encounter, for example, live code altering joined with a time-traveling debugger.


Expo is a toolchain worked around React Native to enable you to assemble native iOS and Android projects utilizing JavaScript and React. Expo empowers you to manufacture cross-platform native applications using just JavaScript. Utilize your most loved content tool to compose great React Native parts while never opening Xcode or Android Studio.


Ignite CLI is a React Native toolchain with standards, modules, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Browse many existing rules or begin your own. Support independent modules as you require them. Ignite CLI adjusts to your project, not a different way. Some of the time called a “Style Guide” or “Example Library,” Examples Screen is loaded up with use cases of crucial parts for a given application. Utilize this neighborly consolidation route for your group to show, utilize, and test segments. Illustrations are enrolled inside every part’s document for snappy changes and use recognizable proof.

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