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Best Upcoming Smartphone in 2020


Faced with the profusion of announcements of this year’s 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Smartphone as we know it for ten years seems on the eve of a great change. On the various stands, the formats and the promises varied according to the manufacturers. Many devices will not survive the verdict of consumers. Nevertheless, the first mobile trends of the next few years emerge.

Best upcoming Smartphone in 2020

Formats that diversify

In 2017, Samsung was stretching the screen of its Smartphone in the direction of the height, with a Galaxy S8 in 19: 9 formats. Two years later, Sony reached a new record by releasing three mobiles in 21: 9 formats. For the Japanese manufacturer, these dimensions allow to display more content while offering a comfortable grip. The panoramic screens could be particularly adapted to the players, but also to the big consumers of films and series.

On the show, two giants have been far beyond Sony in presenting foldable Smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Fold and faced the Huawei Mate X . Both are like a 2-in-1: a Smartphone that can open and turn into a tablet. With the key tariffs oscillating around 2000 Euros. These products will probably not be among the best sellers of 2019. But with material changes – especially to refine them – and a drop in price, they could in the future attract a large customer base.

5G for everyone

This year more than ever, the 5G was on everyone’s lips. An interest largely driven by the arrival of the first compatible Smartphone, announced by major players like Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi. Some of these mobiles will even arrive before the end of 2019.

At first, their usefulness will be very limited, lack of 5G infrastructure – the main cities should be covered in 2025. But like 3G and 4G, the 5G will emerge mechanically as the new standard. first high-end Smartphone, then all devices. For the user, the 5G will allow connections much faster, for example to download a movie in very high definition in seconds.

Photo sensors galore

With each release of high-end Smartphone, the photo quality is put forward by its manufacturer. With ever more efficient assignment writing service equipment and available at very affordable prices, image quality has become the shocking argument to justify a high price. In less than a year, Smartphone brands have grown from two to three, four or even five cameras, as evidenced by the latest device from Nokia.

This technical evolution is made possible by the increased power of the processors of our Smartphones, able to handle very large amounts of data. Ultimately, they will allow the user to enjoy cameras capable of real photographic prowess, while multiplying the uses. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has three cameras dedicated respectively to the landscape, the daily photo and the portrait.

iPhone 2020: the future before the future

Without doubt the biggest name besides Samsung when it comes to collapsible device rumours is Apple – and from what we can say, the hardware could be very close to being fully realized. In November of last year, a patent filed by Apple Inc. was filed for “Electronic Devices with Flexible Displays”, which specifically details an electronic device comprising “a flexible screen in the housing having a bending region that curves around of a flexion axis”. The words “cell phone” was mentioned in the same document.

Since then, it’s a little quiet on the front of the foldable iPhone, although we have seen the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR appear with very unfoldable screens. According to analysts, Apple will wait until 2020 to release a foldable phone – and it could have 5G on board too. Apple does not always rush with new technology trends, so 2020 is about right, even if it’s behind the rest. It is also likely that it costs a lot of money, if we know Apple. So far, there have been no other leaks, just a very well done video concept of Tech Configurations, and news that the device may come with a Samsung screen.

We present you an extremely flat product. On the screen side, it would cover the entire hull, 360 ° and push the borderless mode to the extreme, with the touch tabs on the edge that would activate this or that application and all sensors. The camera, 3D cameras, microphones and HP would be placed under the surface of this beautiful device futuristic design.

By looking precisely at the video, you will be able to notice what could be a double photo sensor whose mark is by no means identifiable. Alongside this dual sensor, a sketch of what could become 3 processors, are recognizable by a square shape. You will also see what looks like a battery with unusual dimensions and whose power could explode all records. The micro SIM or micro SD card would support a base completely and would enter the top of the device.

The chances that Apple is conceptualizing this product by 2020 are close to the absolute 0. Still, if this device were to be developed, the apple could win back the global market. At a time when we are basking in the dictatorship of the moment with the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8, no one is watching those who project in the long term, which could wreak havoc.

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