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2019 Men’s Styling Tips, Trends & Ideas


2019 is all about getting way too much comfortable in your skin. Hang on as we bring you some of the hottest styling tips for men, trends & ideas that 2019 is going to witness.

Mens Styling Tips

Runways, in late 2018 saw some awesome quirky trends that stood out quite a bit. However, runways aren’t always realistic and everyday fashion and style demand a subtle hint of class combined with comfort. Amidst all these crazy 2019 trends, it’s hard to find a balance between real-world and ‘reel world’ fashion.

Here are 8 awesome styling tips from the brazen world of men’s fashion, that you could use in your everyday style. Ready to stay ahead of the game? Here we go :

1. Start with the basics

First and foremost, get comfortable with the basics. Although there is no thumb rule when it comes to fashion, there are certain basics that every man should know. Fashion can be chaotic but thankfully the basics never change. The right way to roll your sleeves, choosing the correct shoe for the day and even tiny details like buttons, matter a lot.

You cannot rush into a lecture hall wearing baroque pajamas with crocs. Fashion is not all about rebellion. You can show your style in subtle ways. If you wish to command attention with respect, make ‘class’ your best buddy.

2. Baroque Clothing

Speaking of Baroque, it is all over the place. French people are the most effortless fashionistas on the planet. Although when we say baroque, we mean the polished version, not the French court. Baroque themed pieces have a good balance of color and comfort.

Baroque Clothing

It has somehow captured the essence of this century’s dressing. Combining mad-style with class, baroque themed clothing is for someone who doesn’t like to play by the rules. It might be a baroque pant or shirt, or even something as subtle as a baroque print handkerchief nicely tucked into your suit, it adds a hint of color to any outfit.

3. 90’s Inspired Sneakers

This bad boy is not going anywhere for at least a couple of more years. We have seen models pair sneakers with anything and everything, they possibly can, last year. And the impact is going to be bigger, this year. The 90’s style is taking a sharp U-turn and people are loving it.

Inspired Sneakers

Well, this might not be your typical style, but 90’s inspired sneakers do look pretty cool with casual outfits. The best thing about sneakers is that they are incredibly versatile. They go beautifully with an off-duty outfit. From refined luxury sneakers to classic sport version, there’s more to them than meets the eye.

4. Pinstriped pants

So, you want to dress smart but casual. No offense to the King of Dance but Elvis Presley’s pants are a bit out of fashion. Like we discussed, comfort is the key. Now we don’t want our pants to be too baggy and loose as well. A pair of nicely tailored pinstriped pants is what you MUST own this season. 2019 is going to be all about pinstripes. Fitting yet comfortable.

Pinstriped pants

Pinstripe trousers take style to a whole new level, provided, you know how to style them. Just avoid a few mistakes. Say, for example, a pinstripe pant with a pinstripe T-shirt will make you the talk of the century (not in a good way). Try muted colors. Grey, off-white and earthy colors look great when paired with pinstripes. Again, be very careful about the fit. Not too loose, neither too tight.

5. Military Wardrobe

Update your military wardrobe. Ever wondered how army men wake up at 4 in the morning and still manage to look so put together in 5 minutes? Organization. The military wardrobe is all about crisp no-nonsense clothing. Crew neck T-shirts, bomber jackets, chinos, combat trousers – all very functional and masculine.

Military Wardrobe

The peacoat is an extremely misunderstood piece of clothing. Contrary to popular belief, it is very versatile. You can wear them to work and brunches alike.

6. Loud & Layering

If there’s one takeaway from 2019 – Go loud or go home. Bold statement tees and loud colors are all in. There’s a lot of taboo when it comes to men’s dressing. Men should dress inconspicuously, stick to the basics. And a lot more of that nonsense. Go for paisley, gingham checks, and even florals.

mens clothings

Yes, you need to know how to layer your clothes the right way. Stylistic layering is becoming a fashion statement, so why not get on the bandwagon?

7. Hair and skin

This is one pointer that is never going to change. Clean and crisp. Healthy skin and hair are unbeatable. Taking care of your skin, following the basic CTM, keeping your regimen simple and realistic will save you a lot of your grooming time. But grooming nonetheless is necessary.

mens hair

An unkempt tousled look may have ruled the last few years but this season is all about a polished and sleek look.

8. Vintage Accessories

An olive to a martini- that’s what accessories are to an outfit. If you have never followed gold watches and men’s beaded bracelets, now is the time to start. Speaking of watches, they are the real game-changer. Huge bulging watches that looked more like a cartoon character are out of town. Vintage designs and pilot watches are all in.

mens accessories

Clubmasters and Wayfarers are timeless. Never underestimate a Tartan Scarf. Functional for the cold months and a classy style statement for the rest. Ditch the faux pas. Leather billfold wallets and leather belts will never go out of fashion. Leather Holdalls or ‘the weekender’ is a great option if you travel often.

The way you dress up, says a lot more than you can imagine. However clothes don’t make the man, his character does. And being a true gentleman never goes out of fashion. After all, ‘Manners Maketh Men’.


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