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7 Tips to Improve Website Design


Websites with good design, perfect load time and smooth navigation are more likely to retain visitors than those with clutter in their design. If a website is outdated and does not offer good user experience (UI), there will be no visitors at all. The focus should be on creating a site that combine aesthetics with functionality, and helps a business convey their message clearly. If your existing design is not inspiring confidence, it’s then time to improve it and transform the face of your site. You can also take help of an expert to improve your website design.

7 Tips to Improve Website Design


Here are some of tips to improve your website design –

1. Give your website responsive design

A good website is one that gives uninform viewing experience to users across devices and platforms. Whether it’s desktop, tablet or smartphone, unless a website is responsible on all these it can never win the trust of visitors. Plus, Google now gives more weight to responsive web design making it more pertinent to benefit from the power of responsive design. So, benefit from responsive design and improve your site’s performance in SERPs.

2. Keep the navigation simple

Websites with cluttered and haphazard navigation will have fewer visitors than those whose navigation is perfect and smooth. If your navigation is simple, visitors will love that and this can definitely have a positive impact on your site’s traffic, bounce rate and conversions. The menus and navigation bars should be free of mess and clearly visible so that visitors can move around the site effortlessly. The simplicity of navigation can help your site go a long way in winning visitors.

3. Boost the page speed of your site

By boosting the page speed of your site, you can achieve a lower bounce rate and longer visitors’ sessions. If the page speed is not up to the mark, or if your site takes longer than usual to load, visitors will have no option but to leave. Visitors are very finicky about the loading speed of the site they visit and if they did not like it, you would lose prospects. The good thing, there are free tools to check and improve page speed easily.

4. Create a visual hierarchy with white spaces

There is something special about having white spaces in design as can positively affect a site’s performance notches up. In fact, reader comprehension of the site can go up as much as 20% when white spaces are used in the left and right margins, or in between paragraphs. Having enough white spaces in the design means you can ensure more interaction and make the page looks clutter-free and display the CTAs with more clarity and ease.

5. Leverage the power of social networks

Social media is growing at an exceptional rate. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. are now essential marketing tools for brands big and small alike. These channels have userbase running into millions and any business can benefit from them to widen their reach and presence in the digital world. So, you can add social media icons into your website design, increase the visibility of your profiles and business and win more customers in the process.

6. Use high-quality visuals and photos

Websites that have high-quality visuals attract more visitors than those who don’t. Whether photos, videos, drawings, GIFs or infographics, if they have quality it will reflect in the performance of the site. Using quality photos can help catch the attention of target audience easily. If you want the site to engage more visitors and boost its conversions, go and use pixel-perfect and attention-grabbing images and see the difference.

7. Update the site content on a regular basis

Updating the site content is one of effective tips to improve the web design. If the content is updated on a regular basis, this can work in your favour as site’s performance in search engine will improve a lot. From text to images to photos to videos, you can update every content type and give visitors more value for their visit. By implementing all such small changes to web design India, you can easily improve the site’s performance and win the trust of more visitors easily.

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