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10 Things to Check Before Hiring a PPT Designer


Have you ever thought, how complicated and back-breaking it would have been to impress and convince the boss in the meeting without having Power Point with yourself? Well, it is terrifying for sure because a lot of us are not good at giving the presentations and we need the assistance of the PowerPoint to express our ideas professionally.

10 Things to Check Before Hiring a PPT Designer

Best PowerPoint presentation is not needed to remember as it becomes memorable and catchy with its supportive background and hooking content. We understand the hustle, creating a powerful and engaging PowerPoint presentation is not less than being in deep water.

This may sounds very easy that all you have to do is to play with the templates and fonts, create the outlines, incorporate the great content, and bang; you are all set to take the stage with fire. However, this is completely two poles apart.

The idea of creating the presentation and making the presentation, both of the things differ a lot from each other. You have to be vigilant and creative to make the presentation on PowerPoint slides.

Since the PowerPoint is the only helpful tool and only Microsoft program that could help you with the designing of the presentation, so one must have sound commands over the PowerPoint tools and functions to create the outstanding presentations.

However, there are so many professionals as well who don’t know how to create amazing presentations so they just hire any expert presentation design services to help them out in this crucial stage. To be honest, this takes a lot of efforts and dedication to create a powerful PowerPoint slide and designing it is never a piece of cake.

What You Must Check Before Hiring A PPT Designer:

Designing an impactful and impressive CV could be pretty daunting to those who do not have a good command of Microsoft PowerPoint. This is not just limited to the usage of the graphics but this also includes proper alignment of the images and the texts alongside the relevant usage of the words.

Microsoft PowerPoint is basically a presentation program initially released in 1990. This is the world’s largest and greatest program used for the creation of the presentations.

Be it the presentation of your office or the research of your course program, PowerPoint is doing wonders for the range of people by providing them with the great variety of the templates and the fonts.

At a very first glance, PowerPoint may not look easy and that is simply okay! None of us would have mastered the skills of using PowerPoint from the day one. But with the help of some tricks and tips, you can learn the skills of using PowerPoint proficiently.

If you still feel overwhelming and you think that you won’t be able to craft something visually appealing, then you can hire any expert and Business Presentation Designers. These top-notch PPT designers are highly efficient in creating the applauding Power Point slides.

But wait, do you know which skills you must check in your PPT designer before hiring him for your most important business presentation? No? Then read further to find the 10 things or I must say the 10 essential skills that are necessary in the PPT designer.

Complete command over the tools of Microsoft PowerPoint:

Before hiring the PPT expert, make sure to check that he is having excellent commands over the tools and also he must be having complete knowledge of the PowerPoint functions. Someone with deep insights and massive experience in Microsoft PowerPoint would do justice with your presentation.

Knowledge of the graphics and visuals:

The PPT designer must be skilled enough with the use of the graphics and the visuals. He should never be adjusting some irrelevant or boring visuals in your presentation. Ensure to check some of his past samples to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Excellent content writing skills:

The experts with great understanding of PowerPoint are also skilled with the content writing. The PPT designer whom you want to hire for your presentation, make sure to check him for his English and skills in the creation of the content.

Right understanding of the audience:

Nobody knows the audience well than the person who is interacting with them. Let your PPT designer understand your requirements and details of the audience. Make sure he understands them well so the content and visual he would create would sit perfectly together.

Consistency in the work:

Asking your PPT designer to show you some of his samples is nothing wrong. As you would be paying the money for the service so make sure that he is an expert in his field and there is consistency in his work.

Ensuring the smooth and seamless transitions:

One most important element while choosing the PPT designer is to ensure that he is having a sound knowledge of the transitions. Your designer must not be creating messy or noisy presentation and should ensure the smooth and seamless transitions in PowerPoint slides.

Keen about the sizing and width:

PowerPoint is all about accurate and perfect sizing and width. From the choice of the outline to creative layout, PPT designer must be great with the understanding of the sizing and width. There must be no complications while running the PowerPoint presentation at office.

Color contrast choice and accurate font sizes:

Well, almost all the PPT designers are great at choosing the color contrast and striking background. The font sizes chosen by your PPT designer must be relevant with your work and should not be too bold or too tiny to read by the members. Check his samples again!

Trick to engage the audience in visuals:

PPT designers know this very well that how the audience should be engaged in the content. Make sure that your choice of the PPT designer is also efficient enough in grabbing the attention of your audience. This must be done with hooking content and excellent images.

Relevant facts with the images and photos:

You must check your PPT designer that he is having a good knowledge of different industries and niches. Choosing the correct images and photos that are relevant to your topic is also his responsibility so make sure that he understands your task well.


We understand that creating great and impressive PowerPoint presentation is not easy for everyone. Hiring a professional for this purpose would be more secure option but before hiring, make sure to check for all the above listed skills in his work and in his personality as well to avoid any inconvenience and scam in the future.

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