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5 Popular Brands Using WordPress and Why You Should Too


With WordPress, one of the best things is that it is scalable. That means it can handle heavy-traffic websites and a large amount of data, such as NASA. It can support small websites with ease, such as personal bloggers.

Hardly anything good is available for free, yet nothing free is good. It is a common rule of thumb in life, but when it comes to WordPress, one of the top website builders, it is not valid. WordPress was unfairly labeled as suitable for only small or basic websites and blogs.

For instance, the world’s most popular and largest brands are using WordPress. It fits their needs and strategies that are unique. To learn about major brands that use WordPress, keep reading, and why you should, too.

5 Popular Brands Using WordPress and Why You Should Too

Many people here seem to have worries about WordPress while starting a business website or blog. They find it hard to understand if they could be served well by a free platform, questioning security and scalability areas.

Because the vast majority of websites in the world run on the famous WordPress CMS, such questions often have very little sense. Not only small-time bloggers who write their ramblings during their lunch hours use WordPress.

Today’s I am going to talk about brands that are using WordPress. Also, give you practical reasons why you should use WordPress too.

Let’s get started.

1. The New Yorker

The New Yorker is a weekly magazine providing content about news, popular culture, arts, business, science, technology, and politics topics. And that they also report on poetry, comedy, and cartoons to top everything off. Thus, the style seems to be the same here; on mobile devices, the Website can easily be accessed. You can also use it on cross-platforms as it is available on the App Store, on Amazon, and Google Play.

2. The Rolling Stones

To reach out to fans, even the major brands use WordPress. Rolling Stones required no introduction. But at this point, WordPress should as it is a great website builder for Rolling Stones and manages their millions of fans, tickets, concerts, and updates efficiently.

3. BBC America

BBC America brings the best content, including the history of life, movies, science fiction, and drama. A number of the content on the Website is mostly about television shows of various genres. Moreover, BBC America also manages tons of video content in the form of trailers, TV shows, entertainment businesses, and a lot more.

4. Tech Crunch

Another world’s top brand. TechCrunch covers all about technology sectors. It includes breaking news, internet products, software, and a lot more. Michael Arrington started this Website to share information on emerging technology-changing businesses.

The Website’s interface is simple, attractive, responsive, and user-friendly. Its blog post structure is like a grid-like format. Most of the content is text, images, and videos.

The grid shows posts according to the time of publishing. The timeline format is perfect for presenting content because the focus lies on creating content about breakthroughs before everyone else.

5. Beyoncé

Beyoncé website is also made up of WordPress. It is completely dedicated to Beyoncé.

From her photography collections, the Website has a lot of work. Besides, the landing page of the site covers large, bold, large pictures. Also, when invoked, the side menu is extensive. Overall, it’s a perfect place for a great artist.

Why are these brands using WordPress – Should you use too?

It may cause you to question why WordPress is so popular. Since many of you may be leaning back and forth between one or two choices for CMS, let’s find out why WordPress is best for you and as well as for these brands.

Simple and Easy Website Builder:

You can customize almost anything you like using WordPress. The builder contains various options for creating sites like slider, heard and footer customization, animations, and graphics.

The front end of your Website is what all your visitors or readers can see, and once you finish your customization, WordPress looks elegant and stylish.

It is Free:

WordPress is entirely free, and it is beneficial, No matter if you are a blogger or freelancer, designer, and whatever else. It is suitable for you. Best of all, by the time you become famous, then you can make changes and convert free WordPress sites to premium.

You will still be free to use WordPress.

Responsive Websites:

Now, Google ranking websites that are fast and mobile-friendly. That means your site should be mobile responsive. The excellent point is that WordPress does it for you. Because of this, all mobile websites should be as attractive and usable as they are on a desktop.

Search engine friendly:

Currently, most major search engines prefer WordPress-powered sites because their structure is easy to crawl. As recommended by Kristel Staci, a popular WP user and advocate, plugins like Yoast SEO and RankMath make the SEO process for sites and blogs so much easier.

Multimedia CMS:

More than just text-heavy blog posts. WordPress is perfect for the platform and also allows multimedia such as images, videos, and graphics for websites, blog posts, landing pages, and anything else you can have on your Website easy to import and manage.

Safe and Secure Websites:

There are millions of WordPress plugins and themes available for security. You can install them to prevent hacking issues.

Helpful Community:

As we know, WordPress is an open-source website platform. It has a massive community for helping out issues and also growing over time. That means you can get help from forums, groups while sitting at home.

It’s about learning about some of the most famous WordPress brands.

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