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Developing a Positive Reputation Online


Developing and maintaining a positive personal online reputation is a must in our current digital era.

Still not convinced about that?

Let’s see. Where should we start…

Are you seeking a new job? Or trying to reach your business goals? Or maybe you are looking to improve your social image? If your online reputation is positive, you can accomplish all of these. At the end of the day, everything about us connects. Who we are personally is also linked to who we are professionally and vice versa.

Developing a Positive Reputation Online

And since many of you need help improving their online reputation score, in today’s blog we’ll look at some of the most effective ways to build a good image on the Internet.

1. Monitor Your Online Presence Constantly

No matter if you are a simple individual, a public person or a business owner, before taking any measures to improve your image, you should know what people are talking about you online.

Start by Googling your name or business, and see what’s out there. If all is positive, good for you!

But if not, and something does pop up, it’s time you take care of all the publicly available negative mentions involving you.

And remember, even if you do find something negative, all is not lost. By constantly monitoring your reputation you can take care of all those negative mentions before they impact your reputation even worse.

2. Respond To Criticism In A Constructive Way

Next time someone criticizes you or your business online, back off the defensive and try to be graceful in the way you accept their opinion.

Before you do anything, stop and think how you can turn their criticism into something positive. If the person shares his or her feedback with you, listen closely. Especially when you own a business, negative opinions can offer us valuable information regarding what can be improved.

Also, it’s important to thank all those who leave you a feedback, even if it’s negative. Expressing appreciation doesn’t have to mean you’re agreeing with them, but it does show that you’re acknowledging the effort they took to evaluate your products or services.

3. Create A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is a powerful marketing tool for your online image.

Wondering why?

Because Wikipedia is one of the strongest authorities on the Internet for shaping public perception. Needless to say that creating a Wikipedia page for you or your business can produce a significant improvement in reputation.

On top of that, any content written on Wikipedia will usually rank among the top first results in Google search. This will help suppress any negative information about you from online, and allow you to highlight only the positive aspects.

4. Be Active On Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way to promote your business or keep in touch with your friends.

But did you know they can also help you improve your reputation?

That’s right! Being on social media can help you build brand awareness, moderate comments from customers or set yourself up as an expert in your field. It can also help you build a strong audience on these networks and develop relationships that your business can benefit from in the future.

If all this seems daunting and you’re looking for some help, you can also look into reputation management services to keep your online reputation in pristine condition.


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