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Why Are Android Mobile Games So Popular? These Reasons Are Here


While playing mobile games, did this thought ever cross your mind that why these android games are so popular? There are so many reasons behind the popularity of these android mobile games. These games are making their way to Google Play as people are preferring them very much for spending their time.

Why Are Android Mobile Games So Popular

Even old games are making a come-back with their latest android version on your phones and tablets. There are many people who have installed mobile games on their phone. There is something special about android games that makes them so popular. If you also play games on phone or tablet, then you can consider yourself a mobiler.

Reasons Why We All Are Addicted to These Mobile Games

Here are various reasons that can give the answer why the latest play store games are so popular among people. Let’s find out what are these ins and outs

Great Quality

However, there is no big deal in developing android games nowadays as many companies are developing new mobile games. They don’t do any compromise in quality as they have competition with their rivals, so they offer the best experience to their users. Although, there are some not-so-good games too for android but they all are just for enjoyment purposes.

Low-priced and Free

This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of these android games that all these are freely available on Google play store. Some of them charge money but that too is not expensive. There are so many new mobile games for play stores like New Helix Jump that can be downloaded for free. And, you don’t have to pay a single penny for them.

Uniqueness and Engagement

Like Helical Jump, android provides a degree of immersion that no other platform can offer. These mobile games give users a real-life experience. And, entertainment is the ultimate goal of these android games. They also help in expansion of some genres as they can’t work on some other consoles. As long as you have your mobile phone with you for playing games, you don’t need anything else.


Unlike other things, android offers many special advantages. You can’t carry other platforms wherever you go, but android is easy to carry. We all want to be in touch with our friends, family, relatives, and more, that’s why we use these android smartphones. Android mobile games will be a great idea to pass your time without getting bored. And, above all of that, you can play your favorite game anytime and anywhere you want.

They are Fun and Entertaining

These mobile games are so entertaining and exciting that people can spend hours playing them without having any type of boredom. There are so many games from RPGs to Latest Jump to simulators, that are available on mobiles for enjoyment. People always like games and that’s the ultimate truth. At the end of the day, all that matters is how much fun you had while playing games? If you felt that game was not at all fun, then it is not worth it.

Hyper Casual Gaming

These android games are so popular because of the latest gaming trend among youngsters. Latest play store games engage people so much and they have addictive and repetitive games for enhancing every level as per the player’s ability. These games have an immersive nature for attracting players such as- Ludo king, latest jump, etc.

Accessibility of Mobile Games

It is one of the core reasons why android mobile games are so popular because they take minimum time to develop, are inexpensive sometimes free too, and they are being adopted by many people. Various console games include a better capital’s outlay by the gamer, so it is of high standards. Mobile games have a wide range of expert gamers.

Less Cost of Development

Mobile game development cost is lesser than the cost of console or desktop game development. And, more of those Android mobile games are easier to download from the play store. They don’t consume more power due to less complex coding and don’t need a big display in comparison to desktop. Many game app development companies go for mobile game development rather than web app development because of less cost and time.

Final Words

Popularity of mobile games depends on how much people enjoy them at the time of playing? If people are not enjoying it, then it will not be popular, so it is necessary that a game should be developed as per the people’s choice and current trend. New mobile games for play stores are considering these things for entertainment and getting their game famous. India’s top game development company Zuobox is also providing their services by knowledgeable developers in this field as per the needs of their customers. Give them a chance and feel free to contact them.

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