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What Is Typhoid Fever & What should be The Typhoid Diet Chart?


Typhoid fever is a health condition that is a serious infection and sometimes it could be life-threatening. It affects the people living in developing and underdeveloped countries the most as sanitation is in such places is poor and getting clean water is a concern.

What Is Typhoid Fever & What should be The Typhoid Diet Chart

What causes Typhoid?

Typhoid is generally caused by bacteria that are called Salmonella that causes food poisoning. The infection usually spreads if a person eats or drinks something that is contaminated with the bacteria. The bacteria very quickly spread into the bloodstream. People who have a poor or weak immune system are more prone to the disease and are affected severely.

What are the symptoms of Typhoid?

Typhoid can occur suddenly or it can come gradually until it affects a person. Intestinal ulcers, abdominal aches, diarrhea or constipation, intense stomachache are the common symptoms of the sickness. High fever, stomachache, bloated belly, red spots, and rashes are also other symptoms. These signs may last for several weeks. If the illness goes untreated, then the person suffering from it may lose weight and experience prolonged weakness and loss of appetite. In most cases, the symptoms would go away in two to three weeks. However, if not given the right treatment, the illness could be hazardous and life-threatening.

A doctor will diagnose the fever and perform tests to test the disease. A medical professional will also check for the person’s medical history and recent travels. The disease is treated by using antibiotics that help to kill the bacteria in the body. It is necessary to take the medication prescribed by the doctor even after you feel better because there are always chances of it coming back. Proper rest is suggested by the doctors until the symptoms go away.

What to consume when affected by Typhoid fever?

When affected by typhoid fever, it is essential to take precautions when it comes to diet and eating. It is advised by the doctors that you make the right food choices to recuperate better. Many doctors even formulate a typhoid diet chart for the patients so that they recover fast and get healthy again.

Here are some of the tips on how to eat when you have typhoid fever-

Drink sterilized water

Boil and disinfect the water that will be used for drinking, washing, cooking, and brushing teeth. Do not drink out of taps and avoid using fountain drinks and ice cubes. Also, make sure not to swallow water while showering or bathing.

Eat cooked food

Eat fully cooked food and do not eat street food or preserved food items or food that is served at room temperature. Eat packaged food or meals and if possible, eat only freshly cooked food that is served hot.

Avoid raw food

Raw food and washed vegetables may have been washed by contaminated water. Avoid eating food that can’t be peeled like berries and lettuce. Bananas, avocados, and oranges are safer options for those who have typhoid or those who wish to prevent it. For your own safety’s sake, always wash the vegetables with warm water and peel them if you must. Avoid eating raw food at all costs. Always wash hands with soap and water before preparing meals and after easting. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if you don’t have soap and water. This helps kill bacteria and germs.

Drink coconut water

Coconut water helps the body get hydration and it balances out and retains the water in your body. This helps with weakness.

For the typhoid diet chart you should eat food that is high in calories as it helps the body maintain its weight. Eat foods rich in omega3 fatty acids. Consume eggs and lean meat to improve energy levels.

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