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4 Different Methods to Master the Leak Detection Skills


One of the most annoying problems you can ever face at your home is something leaking. It could either your water taps or even gas from your kitchen or cooling system. You won’t be able to point a finger at what is going on that just doesn’t feel right. If you don’t hold expertise in plumbing or any kind of mechanics, you might not be able to figure where the leak is happening and what should you do about it. Sometimes you cannot rely on others to help your situation and you will have to take matters into your own hands.

4 Different Methods to Master the Leak Detection Skills

Any kind of leak in the home can cost you a fortune if it is not repaired on time. That is why it is very important to detect the leak at the earliest before it causes further damage. It is advisable to seek expert’ help and contact a professional leak detection service, to ensure precise leak detection. But there will be times when you have to do the work by yourself. To help you with it, there are several methods that you can use to master the art of leak detection. Some of these methods are mentioned below.

1. Check Water Meter:

If you think your water taps are leaking or there is something wrong with the pipelines of your house, the best way to check for the problem is by keeping an eye on the water meter. To check if there is a leak, you will have to shut down all the taps and pumps that are being used at your place. Once all the taps are shut down, you can check the meter. If the meter dial is still moving and shows a dial that keeps moving, you might have a leak in one of your pipelines. Once the leak detection is confirmed, call your plumber as soon as possible to get it fixed.

2. Shut Down Valves:

Once you are sure that that is a leak, it is time to detect where the leak has taken place. One smart way of doing this is by shutting down the main valves of your power supply. If the meter still shows a movement, the leak is outside the house, between the meter and the house. If not, you can check by opening each valve once and see when the dial moves. This way, you can figure out the zone in which the leak has happened. You may have to repeat the process multiple times so that you can find out exactly where the leak detection is taking place.

3. Toilet Bowl Detection:

If a leak takes place in your toilet, it can lead to a lot of water wastage. It is important to go for leak detection as soon as you can. For this, remove the lid of your toilet seat and add a few drops of food coloring inside the tank. Wait for about 30-40 minutes. By now, the color should appear inside the toilet bowl. If this doesn’t happen and the bowl is clean as before, there is no leak. If it happens otherwise, you may have to call a plumber for repair to avoid further water wastage.

4. Underground Water Leak:

If you suspect a leak at the underground region of your house, there are ways of confirming them too. You can check for the areas at your place that always seem wet. By looking at the curb, driveway, etc. would give you an idea of the flow that it has. Underground water leak detection can also be taken place by checking the meter reading as has been mentioned before. If the meter runs even after you have switched off all the valves inside the house, the underground water could be leaking.

Water leak detection is not easy especially if you are a layman. It requires lots of patience and expertise. However, the methods mentioned above are some tricks that even professionals use at times. Use them to detect any suspicious leaks at your home or your friends’ home. By taking quick action, you can avoid the water damage to your property that not only saves water wastage but also helps you to save your hard-earned money!

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