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What are the Best Plex Alternatives?


In this era of advanced technology, it’s hard to see anyone without gadgets. Where twenty years back our world revolved around the gully cricket and indoor Ludo, today the pitches and boards are turned into digital screens. Recently the plex alternatives have gained a lot of favors from the technophiles!

What are the Best Plex Alternatives?

Not only the gadgets but the kind of content has also evolved with time. Multimedia content is the new taste for years with no hope of slowing down. Text messages and landline calls are turned into something very high-tech that is vastly available to almost everyone in the world. The explosion of mobile technology has increased the availability of online space. Every second person is so keen to make his/her online presence through photos, reels, music, videos, and other similar multimedia. If studied properly, today’s rate of online surfing viz. watching videos, listening to music, playing online games, connecting to friends online has drastically gone up as compared to other times in Internet history.

With the sudden increase in screen time, the skill to handle all the data also demands advancement.

Yes, scrolling the screen is quite easier until there comes an actual need of organizing and maintaining our data. While using phones, the data is so spread out that it becomes challenging to keep it safe and avoid losing any. When it seems hard to manage movies, videos, photos, and other data- Softwares like plex become the saviors.

Plex is a vast streaming media service made by Plex.Inc. This is a client-server platform that helps users to sort and organize all the data in the form of multimedia. Moreover, Plex also helps the users to share the media with other users. Where the advantages like the mobile sync feature and parental control boosted its fame, the heavy price attached to it also came up as a major drawback. The basic plex is Free but the Premium version that actually contains the major features is paid.

Our techies always have plan B and when it is about plex alternative then there comes Plan B, C, D, E, and so on!

Here are some best alternatives to plex that every techie would love to switch to!


The best “ultimate entertainment center”, Kodi has gained a lot of popularity shortly. Kodi can be considered as the best plex alternative keeping in mind its versatility. Kodi runs on all the major platforms like OSX, Linux, IOS, Raspberry Pi, Windows, and Android. This plex alternative has a magic wand to turn the device into a smart TV enabling free streaming of millions of channels over the Internet. Feel free to throw any media format at this alternative to plex and to the surprise it will support all of those! Furthermore, the multiple useful add-ons make Kodi a flexible browser.

2. Media Portal

Another good alternative to plex is the Media Portal. Good Programs like plex can be found but when talking about the best plex alternatives, the Media portal can be ranked second. Just after Kodi, the Media Portal application has all the features you can happily expect from a media center. While using Media Portal, you can not only watch but can also record the TV content along with a TV guide feature. Media Portal is a blessing to those who always run short on time. Yes, if you cannot afford to spare a minute to step out and buy DVDs, this software will definitely do wonders with its show recording feature. Not only this, just like the other programs like plex, Media Portal is known for its mobility that allows the user to stream from anywhere provided you have an active Internet Network. From setting up your curated playlist to the grand feature like WiFi Remote Media, Portal has proven itself the second-best alternative to plex. WiFi Remote allows the device/computer to act as a remote control until connected to your network.

3. Emby

The next in the top alternatives to Plex is EMBY. When it comes to the wise choice, then Emby is the coolest software the techies can make. But this cool comes with a price. Yes, it is a piece of sad news for the ones who are expecting amazing features in a Free version. Unlike any other programs like Plex, Emby does not have any Free version. It is a Premium subscription service without any free version as Plex. The service is charged monthly, yearly or can also be purchased all at once, i.e. a one-time purchase. As it’s a premium service, it has a lot to offer to the media junkies. You can expect a convenient folder sync option, vast data protection, and you can easily convert the file to your convenient streaming format. Moreover, the software comes with Alexa support so be ready to command like a boss!

4. JRiver Media Server

Looking for another software like Plex? JRiver Media Server can be considered as the fourth-best alternative to plex. It is another darn cool choice but unfortunately, it also comes with the money attached to it. But unlike Emby, you can expect a free trial before investing money into this good software. This multimedia organizer is good at playing and organizing media on the computer. When you are looking for organization and automation, you can rely on JRiver Media Center. Extensive documentation, Wiki filled with guides, information, and tutorials are enough to assist you in anything you want to know about JRiver. You can enquire about everything and also give your feedback from the community. It claims to support more formats than any other alternatives. This incredible program is available on both Mac operating system and Windows. It is an easy interface to use but not a favorite one.

5. Universal Media Server

Another instance of an open-source program and another good alternative to Plex is the Universal Media Server. Yes, the prefix suggests a universal interface but it is only available on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. When it comes to selecting software as per the experience, Universal Media Server becomes the best choice as it is five years old. Protected under the GPLv2 license, the software is free to download, so no money is needed! The only problem is that the interface could do a good makeover.

6. TVersity

TVersity is another Plex alternative from TVersity Inc. It is a paid media that uses DNLA/UPnP technology. Moreover, it enables streaming from your own computer/PC to other devices. TVersity server transcodes the files in real-time, thus ensuring most of the formats.

This Plex-like software enables indexing videos, songs, and photos automatically in the background. TVersity combines the user’s personal media with online web content viz. RSS feeds, podcasts, videos, or photos and can be retrieved from the client on a specific device.

If you are looking for a Platform-independent web app then you can go for this.


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