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Top Food YouTubers in Dubai


Social media platforms, especially YouTube, have opened the door to content curation for thousands of people who enjoy making videos and have an interest in their respective fields. Unlike every other niche, food vlogging has been part of the digital realm for quite some time now. It is a form of video content where content creators known as food vloggers showcase videos of recipes, cooking tips & tricks, culinary experiences & reviews, fun activities & challenges around food, and the food culture of different destinations they travel to.

Dubai has become a culinary hotspot, attracting food aficionados across the world. From traditional Emirati cuisine to international flavours, these Food YouTubers have committed to showing the essence of the diverse culinary scene of Dubai to the entire world through their camera lens. They have mastered the art of blending delectable flavours with appealing visuals and captivating storytelling that will make you fall in love with various traditions and be inspired in the kitchen.

This blog lists some of the top food YouTubers in Dubai, whom you should definitely subscribe to for tempting and mouthwatering food vlogs. Additionally, food brands looking to leverage these creators’ audience should partner with the best influencer marketing agency in Dubai, as they have access to world-class food YouTubers.

So, if you are a foodie at heart who loves to explore new flavours, mouthwatering recipes, tempting dishes, and various culinary gems from around the world, Look no further!

List of Top Food Channels on YouTube in Dubai

1. Sariya Khalid

Sariya Khalid is a renowned food blogger with expertise in a wide range of international cuisines who shares various recipes from all around the world. She has a unique way of creating content in which she presents delicious and mouthwatering flavours from Pakistan, India, China, Italy, etc. Apart from her love for Pakistani and Indian spices and flavours, she prepares cuisines such as fast food, BBQ, mutton, salads, Arabic dips, drinks, and shakes. Cooking with Sariya is the best food YouTube channel in Dubai because of its high engagement rate and connection with the audience.

2. Ashu Wadhwa

Ashu Wadhwa is not a professional chef but a food enthusiast at heart. She loves cooking and has a passion to reach out and inspire foodies across the world to enjoy making food and creating wonder with it. Her unique but confidence boosting channel name, “Anyone can cook with me,” resonates with so many people and provides them with the required push to try and experiment with their cooking. With her eager personality and creativity in food, she has garnered the position of being one of the best food YouTubers in Dubai. Her forte is Indian dishes, along with vegan recipes, tips for seasonal dishes, festival specials, desserts, etc.

3. Miza Khalid

Miza Khalid is a Morocco born food blogger residing in Dubai who loves uploading blogs about food and the people around her, especially her husband Khaled. She has charmed people with her variety of food related content, her liveliness, and the gist of humour she adds to her blogs through daily pranks. She has covered it all, whether it’s the best street food joint recommendations, tips on how to recreate popular regional recipes at home, or if you are just looking for some food-related entertainment. With a diverse range of content, the food vlogger has attained the position of Dubai’s top food YouTube channel.


Elwasfa is amongst the best food YouTube channels in Dubai because of its unique and detailed recipes around the world, especially Arab. They share regional and international food recipes and useful tips in the kitchen. Moreover, apart from food recipes, they also share their personal stories and experiences to provide their audience with a deeper understanding of the rich cultural tapestry, making cuisines even more meaningful and appetising. One should definitely subscribe to Elwasfa to find the best recipes, healthy eating advice, party ideas, and cooking techniques from top chefs and experts.

5. Jass

Jas’s Food Book is solely the top food YouTube channel in Dubai because of the way its content is presented. The channel mostly consists of food tutorials and recipes for exquisite dishes, which keeps food lovers invested in it. The recipes and cuisines introduced in the channel include egg, chicken, beef, fish, biryani, vegetarian, festival specials, pickles, snacks, and traditional Malayali delicacies.

6. Zulfia Syed

Zulfia Syed is an India born food vlogger currently based in UAE who posts basic Indian recipes for beginners. She is a food enthusiast who makes easy-to-prepare recipes that are healthy and satisfy the taste buds. Zulfia’s love for Indian cuisine resonates with her audience, as the recipes are easy to recreate and are enjoyed by foodies who are currently developing fondness for cooking.

7. Deepas

Deepas Recipes is one of the top food channels on YouTube in Dubai, handled by an Indian native residing in the UAE. The channel claims to be a one stop place where you can find a variety of food recipes. The Indian origin food vlogger specialises in different regional, traditional, and international cuisines in vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes that are a treat to eyes as well as taste buds.

8. Nesla Shanavas

Nesla Shanavas is a Kerala based food enthusiast who is one of the best food YouTubers in Dubai, UAE. She curates simple, easy, and healthy recipes, adding a South Indian taste to them. Apart from Homestyle Kerala dishes and recipes, she also makes dishes, including pudding, payasam, juice, cake, curry, ice cream, snacks, milkshakes, Biryani, Arabic recipes, vegetarian cuisines, breakfast recipes, etc.

So, get ready to binge-watch their videos and let their passion for food and storytelling whisk you away on an unexpected culinary journey that will foster a sense of unity among cultures and leave you inspired for more. Reach out to Grynow, best influencer marketing agency in Dubai, to leverage such amazing content creators.


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