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Top Beauty YouTuber in India


Before attending a vital office party, social event, or any other event, the one thing always on our minds is how we will present ourselves to the masses. We spend hours going through different outfits in our closets, trying other makeup products, and visiting the parlor or salon. We also look at beauty guides and articles for references. However, with subject matter expert providing their valued knowledge through carefully curated social media content – today, many prefer YouTube as their source of information. Top beauty YouTubers in India are there for everything from providing beauty tips and suggesting cost-efficient cosmetic products to providing in-depth tutorials on achieving your best looks.

Top cosmetic brands consider Indian beauty YouTubers a valuable asset to tap a more comprehensive market share, as these individuals have tremendous influence over their audience’s purchase decisions. For instance, Muskan Chanchlani can create detailed videos showing step-by-step application and removal of makeup products while sharing her honest opinion. This resonates with consumers and compels them to act – consider or even purchase it.

An influencer marketing company with a history of working with renowned beauty brands and Influencers has given their views on the impact of a successful partnership. This has enabled us to provide you with the following list of –

Top Beauty YouTube Channels in India to Follow in 2023

1. Malvika Sitlani Aryan

Malvika Sitlani Aryan is one of India’s most renowned beauty YouTubers, recognized for her beauty, Lifestyle, and fashion content. Malvika creates detailed makeup tutorials, clothing hauls, skincare, hair styling vlogs, and more on her channel. She also does product unboxing and reviews videos of top brands.

Malvika enjoys a hearty fanbase thanks to her charming personality, informative content, and helpful guidance. She has been active on the platform since 2015, uploading new videos every week. The Indian beauty YouTuber has been featured in top publications like Cosmopolitan and Vogue. Through her efforts, Malvika inspires Young women to be bold and fearless. Watching her content can give you insights into everything about fashion and beauty.

2. Miss McBlush

Miss McBlush: Muskan Chanchlani, sister of the famous YouTuber and comedian Ashish Chanchlani, is one of India’s most recognized beauty and lifestyle vloggers. She actively started creating content in 2017. Muskan covers detailed tutorials on skincare, haircare, makeup, and more. She also organizes challenges and contests to keep her community active and lively. Miss McBlush has been approached by top makeup and fashion brands for promotion. She has established a strong presence on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Beginners to advanced-level makeup enthusiasts can gain vital makeup tips and hacks by subscribing to Muskan’s channel today.

3. Shefali Rawat

Meet Shefali Rawat, one of YouTube’s most talented beauty, makeup, and Lifestyle creators. Shefali got into makeup at a very young age – simultaneously creating detailed videos on social media. The diva enjoys a loyal fan base that gives substantial engagement every month. Shefali Rawat covers makeup, skincare, and D.I.Y. on her channel. She is for every season and occasion. Shefali can show you how to get that clear skin, straight hair, bright texture, acne-free skin, and more. Cosmetic brands like Lakme frequently approach this top Indian beauty YouTuber for their campaigns. Shefali has a lively presence on Instagram, updating her audience about her upcoming YouTube videos.

4. San Karla

San Kalra is an essential figure in the Indian men’s fashion, Lifestyle personality grooming, and styling niche. He has been helping men achieve the looks and personality of their dreams through his carefully detailed videos, which he uploads every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. San Karla has a Motto “Look your best, feel your best, be your best” – precisely what he promotes on his channel. Amongst the many topics, San covers include essential season tips, Street fashion, sneaker selections, clothing hauls, and grooming. As one of the top fashion YouTubers in India, San has never backed down from challenges. He constantly experiments with different styles and presents full content in Hindi to inspire and empower his demographic.

5. Tarini Peshawaria

Tarini Peshawaria is among the trailblazers in the Indian fashion, beauty, and Lifestyle nicheā€”a popular social media sensation mesmerizing audiences with her style, grace, and passion. Top Media outlets have interviewed Tarini for her insightful takes on everything fashion. She creates detailed videos on skincare, clothing hauls, D.I.Y., hairstyling, and more on social media platforms.

Tarini has secured a position as one of India’s best beauty YouTube stars. Renowned cosmetic brands like Maybelline, Elle, and Lakme want to work with this diva. Moreover, Tarini has been a frequent guest at some of the most recognized fashion shows worldwide.

6. Jovita George

Jovita George has been widely acclaimed for her experienced opinions on makeup, Lifestyle, fashion accessory, clothing, and more. The Indian beauty YouTubers’ videos are very organized and detailed, which makes for easy consumption and understanding. Jovita is creative and has been experimenting with different colors, styles, outfits, and designs since entering the industry. The famous diva has been part of multiple organizations and has become one of India’s most recognized beauty vloggers, content creators, models, and beauty YouTubers. You can find everything on Jovita’s channel – from celebrity style makeup, skincare routines, and clothing hauls to ethnic looks, cultural fusion, and industry insights.


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