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The Six Best Ways to Reduce Packaging Costs for Custom Boxes Wholesale


Packaging is an important aspect of any business, and it can make or break your branding. Several packaging suppliers offer custom printed boxes to their clients. They print these boxes with modern techniques to provide affordable deals to their clients. They also offer wholesale ordering facilities to their clients for their bulk orders.

The Six Best Ways to Reduce Packaging Costs for Custom Boxes Wholesale

So, Custom boxes wholesale are the best type of packaging that you should use for your products. It will be the best option for you if you want to reduce the packaging costs.

In this blog post, we will talk about how to reduce those costs by following these five tips:

  • Conduct proper market research
  • Use economical packaging materials
  • Make compact designs
  • Find the best printing techniques
  • Place bulk orders
  • Make long-term contracts

1. Conduct Proper Market Research to Find the Best Packaging Supplier

You can find the best packaging supplier by conducting proper market research. You should check their online reviews from other customers and check out if they are members of any industry associations. It will help you get the right information about the potential suppliers; you need to choose the most appropriate one according to your needs.

Moreover, check out their packaging rates and compare them with their rivals. This comparative analysis helps you get a better understanding of the packaging rates. In the research process, you will come to know about many other techniques that you can use for cost reduction of your packaging boxes, and you will be able to get more affordable deals from the market.

2. Use Economical Packaging Materials for Your Boxes

Many companies are unaware of the importance and benefits that they can get from using economical packaging materials. Cardboard boxes, paper packaging, and corrugated boxes have helped many companies save their money by reducing production costs with ease. In this way, you will be able to make your product more appealing in front of customers.

You should always try out different types of packing materials before selecting one type. It plays a vital role in determining how much time is spent on packing activities and what kind of costs would come into play when distributing these products to various retailers across the country. The best thing about them is that they help reduce manufacturing costs, resulting in lower retail prices for end consumers.

3. Make Compact Box Designs and Use Less Packaging Material

Packaging companies offer many kinds of sizes and shapes to offer reasonable prices for your packaging boxes. You can choose any design according to your product’s needs. If you want a professional look with less packaging material, make compact box designs that will not require more packing materials to pack them properly.

In all these ways, you can reduce the product’s cost and shipping charges too by using compact size boxes instead of normal retail ones. They are cheaper in price but high class in quality.

In contrast, if you use bulky packaging boxes, they will consume more material, adding up the printing and shipping costs that will increase the product’s price. These bulky boxes are not suitable for your business.

4. Find More Economical Printing Techniques

Several printing techniques provide more desirable and accurate printing results for your boxes. The pricing of these techniques varies from each other. Use an economical printing technique that not only provides the best results but also helps in reducing the costs. The commonly used printing techniques are:

A. Parity Printing:

It is a printing technique that uses one color to print all over the box. It will allow you to save on ink and paper, which in turn reduce your costs significantly.

B. Offset Printing:

Some people prefer offset printing because it produces high-quality prints with sharp details. However, this type of printing requires much more time than most other techniques. The tradeoff for better quality outweighs its cost when we are talking about custom box wholesale products.

C. Ink Jetting:

Ink jetting also offers an economical solution but at a low-resolution quality where colors appear less vibrant or bolder than those produced by offset printing machines.

D. Lithographic Processes:

The lithography process can offer very bright and detailed images. It provides more accurate results, and it also suits your packaging budget for your products.

Use any of these techniques that suit your product packaging boxes.

5. Place bulk orders for packaging to get the best deals

On bulk orders, packaging companies offer special discounts to their clients. They also provide free design support and free shipment facilities on these orders, making their deals more affordable and attractive for your business. So, always place wholesale orders for your packaging boxes to make your business more profitable.

6. Make long-term contracts

In these long-term contracts, packaging suppliers give special discounts to their loyal customers. Firstly, find the best supplier, check out his services, check out his client reviews, and then make a long-term contract.

In these contracts, you can add the clause of price re-opener or changing business requirements as per the market conditions and your company’s needs.

On the other hand, if you have a new business and cannot make a long-term contract with the packaging supplier, you should avoid long-term contact because it can cause problems for your business.

Moreover, you can contract to your friend’s company or ask your fellow business to place your orders to the same packaging supplier to get the best.


Everyone knows that packaging price plays a vital role in determining the product’s price. This is because of the fact that about 10% of your product price is of the packaging. It can vary with the products or the luxuries you add to these boxes. You can get more economical deals with all the luxurious features from Stampa Prints.

But getting the best deals for your packaging order is compulsory to make your product’s price more competitive in the market and give tough competition to your rivals. Using the techniques mentioned above, you can easily reduce your packaging bills and take your business to a whole new level of success.

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