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8 Types of Fabrics Used in Interior Decoration


Interior design plays a vital role in our home decoration. Interior designs give an aesthetic appeal to the inside of the house, which optimizes the space inside the house. Interior design’s have not only one aim, which is to beautify the home but also make the house easy to clean. For improving the aesthetics of the home, there are lots of fabrics used. Fabric selection is the most challenging task in interior design. Silk, cotton, polyesters, patterned fabrics, floral fabrics like designers guild fabric, etc. Some commonly used materials used in interior decoration is describing below:

8 Types of Fabrics Used in Interior Decoration

1. Silk

Silk is a classy option in interior design. It gives a royal and luxurious look into the interior. Some goods, such as Oriental carpets and throw pillows, are a good investment. However, keep in mind how the sunshine affects silk products that direct sunlight the material may degrade with time. Silk is used in the making of curtains, cushions, upholstery, etc.

2. Cotton

Cotton is a popular fabric for anything from furniture upholstery to linens because it is robust, flexible, breathable, and inexpensive. It also works on curtains, although the appearance is more homely and casual. In addition, cotton is an easily accessible fabric and reasonable. Cotton is an easily accessible fabric and reasonable. But this fabric is apt for any interior.

3. Polyester

Polyester is a very sturdy material and easy to maintain. In addition, this fabric is long-lasting and resistant to strain.

4. Rayon

In terms of texture, rayon is akin to silk. Therefore, it is most often used in curtains and upholstery.

5. Nylon

Nylon is tough and long-lasting. This fabric is widely used in upholstery and curtain fabrication.

6. Wool

Wool is a beautiful material that gives elegance and charm to any room. Wool rugs that not only feel soft but also give a luxurious look.

7. Patterned Fabrics

A fabric with variable colour stripes (sometimes in varied thicknesses) that cross at right angles is called tartan. It is commonly made of wool or cotton and has a vertical and horizontal colour feature.

8. Floral Fabrics

Floral designs are back in style with a fresh new aesthetic. There are wallpapers, cut flowers, and cushions that may bring a fresh appeal to your homes. Use them wisely to create an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind feature. Nowadays, designers’ guild fabric gets high recognition in Australia. Its wallpaper is rapidly gaining popularity, and this year’s most selling wallpapers are this kind of florals.

Before selecting the fabrics, there are few factors to be considered.

  • Create a colour scheme based on the fabric. Finding the ideal colour scheme for each area is critical to creating the desired mood. The material is usually purchased toward the end of the interior design process. After the walls have been painted and the furniture has been selected. However, the colours for the entire space picked first. Walls, furnishings, upholstery, and drapes are all included. In this manner, you can ensure that you choose colours that complement one another and create a sense of harmony.
  • Using too many colours in an area might make it look jumbled. You can, however, experiment with the textures and patterns. It will be easy to incorporate patterned curtains if the walls are simple. However, you can mix and match different patterns, texture, wallpapers, curtains, and upholstery if you have a creative eye.
  • Combine geometric prints, floral prints, and other designs to create one more style. Whether you’re going to use various patterns, be sure the styles are different. Instead of three florals, use one floral, one stripe, and one geometric. Change up the size of your patterns. To establish balance with a large flower, choose a shorter line or geometric design.
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