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The Dangers of Unblocking A Drain Yourself


Blocked drains are one of the most frustrating things to fix. It’s a hassle and can be a disaster if not fixed as soon as possible. Worst case scenario, they can turn out to be more expensive than what you could imagine. Many people are actually convinced that a quick trip to the hardware would prepare them to unclog the drain themselves.

The Dangers of Unblocking A Drain Yourself

You can try to call your local plumber to do the job or unblock the drain yourself. But, for your safety, you might as well consider calling someone who can do the job safely without taking risks. So, here are the dangers you might encounter trying to unblock your drain.

Property Damage

One of the primary dangers of unblocking a drain yourself is property damage. Many people have experienced blocked drain Newcastle. Some may try to attempt clearing the pipes themselves, but most of them have considered hiring a professional. Trying to clean the pipes yourself may cause permanent damage to your pipes, and that could result in a more expensive repair.

There are high chances of damaging your pipes, especially if you’re living in a property with fragile cement. If this is the case, you need to have someone who knows the work checked your blocked drainage. In this case, not only that you can ensure successful operation, but safety procedures as well.

As you know, professional plumbers have tools and equipment that allow them to work with blocked drainage carefully and without damaging your property. It would help if you kept in mind that unblocking a drain is much cheaper than fixing damaged pipes.

Encounter Hazardous Chemicals

Most people have tried to unblock a drain with a drain cleaner. But, not all the time, it can be successful. The wrong choice of drain cleaner might cause more severe and significant damage to your drain. Domestic drain cleaners may be able to help you out, but they are nothing like their professional equivalents.

If it’s not done professionally, it can cause more damage to your pipes by eating away the cement holding your pipes together. Can you imagine how troublesome it would be if that were to happen? This will undoubtedly result in a more expensive repair. In addition to that, hazardous chemicals can also be dangerous in the presence of children and pets.

Risk of Having an Infection

Drains play host to various types of bacteria. This includes E.coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter jejuni. These bacterias are infectious and even the slightest symptom could cost you your health. If you ever experienced having a blocked drain Newcastle and decided to do the work, you need to consider having safety equipment or protective clothing.


Unblocking a drain holds numerous risks and complications. If ever you wanted to do the work yourself, you need to make sure you know at least a thing or two about it. In the end, it’ll always be for your own good and the safety of your household.

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