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Most Common Reasons For Blocked Drains


Be it the kitchen sink drains or the main sewer lines, the blockage is one of the main problems people have to face every now and then. Sometimes, the causes of the blockade can be easily known and set right at the earliest. However, in most cases, we remain ignorant towards the cause of the clog and hence suffer from water overflowing.

For this reason, it is extremely necessary for everyone to learn more about the reasons of the blocked drains in residences. Here, we have mentioned, the top clogging factors that you should be aware of so that you can at least prevent them from blocking the proper water flow through the small kitchen drain pipes or the main sewer pipes in the backyard lawn.

Most Common Reasons For Blocked Drains

Grease and hair deposition:

Kitchen is one of the main places where you will always find the use of grease, be it in dressing the large turkey for Thanksgiving or cooking the steak in garlic butter. The use of oil, butter, and other such greasy material can cause drain blocks as the large, fatty molecules accumulate near the drain and form a hard crusty layer which further restrains the water flow. As for the bathrooms, the blocked drains are usually caused due to the entanglement of the hairs at the mouth of the drained net. These two are the most common causes of drain blockage and can be removed easily without the help of a professional plumber.

Tree root invasion:

The main sewer lines connecting your house drains to the main system usually pass through the laws and the backyard, the places which are loaded with medium to big trees. These trees are another major reason for causing blocked drains. The roots of the trees grow as far that they penetrate the pipes and restrict the proper flow of water or any other liquid. That’s why if you are reinstalling the pipelines, make sure to plan a drain and sewer system with no tree roots in close vicinity.

Leaves and straws:

Sometimes, the drains are open or partly closed. Under such circumstances, the leaves, straws, and other small items can cause the blocked drains. This problem is more seen during the autumn season when the trees shed their leaves that further creates blocks in the pipelines.

Intrusion of any foreign object:

One of the major reasons for the blocked drains is the intrusion of the pope’s girth by any foreign object. Sometimes, mistakenly you can flush out the soap or the toilet cleaner cap. These objects are usually bigger than the pipes’ diameter and hence, they block the flow of water properly through these pipes. For such issues, you will definitely need the help of a professional plumber who is well acquainted with these problems and can solve them easily without any hassle.

Broken and chipped pipes:

With age, the pipes get old, and that’s why they can break under heavy pressure. If somehow the pipe breaks and forms the chips, it will easily hold off the solid chunks of waste like debris, paper, and so on. These materials start accumulating with days, and hence disrupt the proper flow of the water through the sewer and drain pipes. Since you possibly can’t take out those solid wastes, the best solution will be to hire a professional plumber and have the broken parts replaced at the earliest.


Truth be told, blocked drains are very common and one of the problems you can encounter too often. This is why you must be aware of the general causes of such blocks and how you can remove them so that water can flow out of your house properly without clogging the sinks, the bathroom floors, and so on. So hire professionals for your block drain issue.

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