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Significance of Insurance for You and Your Janitorial Office Cleaning Service


Janitorial Insurance safeguards the contractors for Cleaning services Canberra against the lawsuits as well as property damages particular to a janitorial industry. These include damage to the property or business possessions of your client, a spill of the cleaning agents or any other stain-causing spill, or slip & fall accident etc. So don’t let the accident sweep your monetary resources away and pick the janitor’s insurance coverage with the right company today. While trips, falls, and slips are the most usual reasons for the claims, damage to the property of a client can be costly too. That is why, it is critical to have janitorial general liability insurance in place for the Office cleaning services, no matter how small or big the business is.

Significance of Insurance for You and Your Janitorial Office Cleaning Service

Time to secure your Janitorial business!

Being in the cleaning commercial premises’ business, you may not think of risks related to mopping, vacuuming, and dusting etc., however, many situations could take place as well as have quite devastating consequences.

  • For instance, the property can be accidentally damaged, any 3rd party can trip & fall over the electrical wire you use for operating the floor buffer, or one of the crew members can be injured while doing the work-related job.
  • As far as the rate of a cleaning service insurance policy is considered, it depends upon some factors.
  • Things such as the coverage limit, your zip code, your coverage’s length, and size of the team for Cleaning services Canberra all play a vital role in evaluating the risk which comes with cleaning businesses’ insurance.
  • The costs related to medical bills, legal claims, and/or repairing the damaged property that might be filed against the business can be financially threatening and this is where Janitorial insurance comes into the picture.
  • This insurance coverage can support you for setting off these costs along with preventing you from having to pay for these damages on your own.

Being insured as a Janitorial Office cleaning service is beneficial in various cases –

  1. Damage to the property of your client – An employee of the Office cleaning services breaks the lamp of a customer while cleaning the office space. The insurance will cover the subsequent claim up to the liability limits.
    2. Any Bodily Injury – The customer trips over one of the cleaning supplies when you are cleaning the office and that makes you legally liable for the injury. In this, insurance will cover that and the associated medical costs up to the liability limits.
    3. Any Personal Injury – Any employee of yours is at lunch. He interacts with his head and mentions anything false and unflattering about a client. The client gets to know about the conversation and sues for slander. Even in this case, the insurance company for Cleaning services Canberra can cover the subsequent claim up to the liability limits, and (if necessary), pay for the attorney to defend you.

The Janitorial office cleaning service insurance is not a particular policy that one can buy. Rather, it is any particular number of the commercial policies which the janitors might require for protecting their businesses. Every policy ranging from commercial auto insurance to workers’ compensation insurance covers a particular risk’ set.

For instance, the general liability that costs between $530 and $1000 yearly covers the customer lawsuits. However, please note that janitorial office cleaning service faces other risks too which need some other policies such as commercial property and that is why before you hire the best insurance policy, consider your needs and preferences too.

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of what kind of cleaning services you are indulged into, the fact is that you have a lot of risks awaiting you i.e., potential damages to the property of other people (like electronics, equipment, collection items, expensive products, and art) in addition to scratches and damages to the building itself. In case you are in the business of providing Office cleaning services, carrying the best kind of insurance will assist to secure the business from a lot of risks. It can ultimately save you from going through extreme financial losses which may potentially damage the business.


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