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Butt Hinge: An Ideal Choice For The Flexibility Of Doors


“Small thing makes a big difference” this is best applicable to butt hinge, which though, is a very small thing yet is highly required in pairs on doors. The hinges list is very big, out of which butt hinge has great importance in the market today. This type of hinges is mostly used for interior and exterior doors. The main purpose of using this hinge is to make sure the door sits perfectly and flush with the jamb, thereby allowing seamless opening and closing of the door.

Butt Hinge: An Ideal Choice For The Flexibility Of Doors

The butt hinge usually has two parts where one part is recessed into the door while the other is attached to the jamb. With its multiple-usage butt, hinges have become more popular in recent years, and people are choosing this type of hinges for different applications. Compared to residential doors, this hinge type is highly used for commercial doors because it has a capacity to sustain heavyweight. Since most of the commercial places use heavy doors for entrance, it requires a much stronger hinge that is required and the butt hinge that is the perfect option.

How To Pick The Right Butt Hinges?

These famous hinges are available in many different types to help people with different requirements get the best suitable hinge. Most of the time, it is quite difficult for the people who are new to these hinges to pick the best suitable for their door. So, if you are also looking for a perfect butt hinge for your door, then below are some of the useful points that help in understanding the different types of butt hinges available in the market.

Plain bearing hinges – The type is preferred for the doors that are not used very frequently. This plain bearing hinge is best suited for interior doors.

Ball-bearing hinges – People who are particular about long-lasting work rely on the best durable hinges, then the ball bearing type is the best choice. Compared to plain bearings, a longer leaf that gives you the demand for ball bearings is very high because of its smooth performance and works perfectly for entrance doors.

Self-closing butt hinges – This type is specially designed for screen doors and cabinets to automatically close the door.

Things to consider – Even after picking the best butt hinge type, there are again various points that one needs to consider to end up getting the right butt hinge.

The difference in knuckles – Compared to all the hinges, the one with five knuckles are very popular, where the main duty of these knuckles is to pivot and allow the door to swing open and shut. However, some people want hinges with few knuckles, and butt hinges with three knuckles are the second most hinge type that is having good demand in the market. However, there are also hinges that are available with more than five knuckles specially designed to meet the requirement of heavy doors.

Difference Screw insertion holes – The number of screw insertion holes also makes a major difference indoors’ performance. For heavy doors, a butt hinge with three to five-screw insertion holes is perfect. However, depending on the door’s size and weight, one can go with the best suitable one.

Where Will I Get The Genuine Butt Hinges?

Since the demand for butt hinges is reaching sky high today, there are numerous brands of hinges came into existence. However, it is becoming a big task for the people to pick the best-branded butt hinge. So, it is advisable to spend some time searching for different branded butt hinges available in the market, making a list of a few top brands, checking their reviews, and then making a purchase.


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