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Secure Your Loved Ones and Your Car with KENT CamEye, a Next-Gen Device


Your family is literally invaluable for you and the security of your family members is your main objective. Therefore, to safeguard your family, you take all the necessary measures. Installing special security doors in your home or putting an add-on security alarm system just to keep your family safe are some common measures. While these are some of the measures you take when they are at home but what happens when they are travelling in a car? That’s when you need to take the appropriate steps for their safety.

People hire bodyguards to protect themselves on the road but can everyone afford them? Apparently not; also, you cannot always prevent your loved ones from getting involved in mishaps but with certain measures you can avert them.

One such measure that lets you secure your family and vehicle on the go is KENT CamEye.

Secure Your Loved Ones and Your Car with KENT CamEye

It is a first-of-its-kind device that has multiple features to keep you updated about your loved ones and your vehicle. It is a dash-cam-cum-GPS tracker and comes with dual cameras. The dual cameras record everything that happens in and around the car.
This security device lets you live stream, record videos and even lets you use a 2 way calling feature to contact the occupants of the car even without calling on their mobile phones.

It is a mobile app-based 4G powered device that gets installed on the front windshield of the car. It has an inbuilt battery and memory backup that works even when the car is parked or is out of network coverage area.

The device has an AI technology that enables you to receive alerts on your mobile phone if there is any suspicious activity in or around the car. The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile phones.

KENT CamEye has a user-friendly application that allows you to view real-time location of the car, playback the route travelled by the car for historical trips, live stream inside or outside camera, playback recorded videos of historical trips from Cloud and many more amazing features.

KENT CamEye has amazing features that lets it stand out from the rest:

1) Live Video Streaming

The device displays the inside or outside view of the car along with an opportunity to initiate a 2-way audio call with car occupants using built-in microphone and speaker.

2) Audio-video Recording on Cloud

When the car is moving, the device offers audio as well as the video recording of both views of car. It even uploads the recording on Cloud for up to 90 days in real-time via 4G connectivity (pre-installed SIM).

3) GPS Tracking with Route Playback

Real-time GPS tracking of the vehicle helps you locate and understand the movement of the vehicle. You can also play back the route travelled by the vehicle.

4) Real-time AI Alerts

The device sends constant alerts on your phone whenever the car over-speeds, the AC is on while the car is parked, loud music is played in the car, or an unknown driver is behind the wheels among others.

5) Face Recognition Technology

The device has face recognition technology to identify the person behind the wheels and capture the faces of passengers as well. This means now your driver cannot lend out the car to anyone else.

6) On-board memory and Robust Battery

The device has an in-built memory of 8GB and a battery back-up of up to 24 hours and in case of no internet connectivity, it records on the internal memory and uploads to Cloud once the connectivity is restored.

Easy Installation Process

For installing KENT CamEye, no professional assistance is required. It has a simple DIY (Do-It-Yourself) installation and takes power from the 12V car socket, which does not interfere with the original electrical wiring or the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) port.

Thus, the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty remains intact. Download the app, scan the QR code at the bottom of device and mount the device on the windshield of your car. Once the device gets powered up, it is ready to be used.

KENT CamEye records video on secure Cloud storage via 4G connectivity. All the data gets synced to your phone on a real-time basis and can be accessed via a user-friendly application.

KENT CamEye is priced at Rs.17, 999 and comes with an introductory offer of 3 months Free subscription. In addition to the upfront cost, a monthly/annual subscription fee for using the Cloud features is applicable. KENT CamEye can be purchased directly from the company or can be bought online from Amazon.in.


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