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7 Visual Content Marketing Tips and Techniques to Increase Engagement


With the increasing amount of online content, it has proven to be hard to take time and go through most of the material online. Therefore most people have developed the need to gain more using the least amount of time online. Marketers, therefore, have to master how to capture the attention of their target clientele and lead them to what they are selling. Visual content has been known to compel most of the clients to what you are selling; therefore proper structured visual aid always improves traffic to the intended online platforms. Explained below are some of the ways we use visual content to increase traffic and engagement with the clients.

7 Visual Content Marketing Tips and Techniques to Increase Engagement


1. Create Infographics that Combine Data with Copyright Technique

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They simplify and make the information interesting for the masses.

The basic copyright techniques include

● Problem-solving; explain to readers how the product or services you are offering will solve their problems
● Empathy-create a bond with the audience by showing them that you understand where they are coming from and that you are keen to solve their problems because it affects you too.
● Benefits-always tell the audience how your product will benefit them before going into detail about your product

Through infographic outreach, people have been able to understand the content in the various post without getting to read through pages of boring texts.

2. Source beautiful and high-quality images

Marketers are encouraged to source for beautiful images that are detailed, tell a story and are thematically inline. This captivates the audience and may spark a positive engagement with the target audience. Poor photos can show unprofessionalism, and people would pay less attention to them.

The above image is an excellent example of how a good image creates and engagement with the audience
Therefore, everything in a frame should be intentional because it establishes a connection with your target audience
Original photos are mostly encouraged, but stock images can also be used.

Here are some of the stock photos sites:

  • Fotolia.com
  • Dreamstime.com
  • Gettyimages.com
  • iStockPhoto.com
  • Stocksy.com
  • Crestock.com
  • 123rf.com

3. Add text to images

Images combined with text appealingly makes the image to pop and attract attention. To engage your audience, the version should be interactive and correctly addressing the targeted audience

Below is a good example where the text has added value to the image. The website uses the text to explain why we have the ladies and the gents in the images

Below is another example of how to make images stand out

Voila.com use the text to explain why the bird is on her face. He brings about the comical aspect of the photo it would make the clients curious to try the broadband to experience the fast internet speed.

Design Wizard is your go-to design tool for high-quality visual content creation. There are over 1 million images on the site and tens of thousands of video templates. Standout features of the tool include a custom color palette, free font library and resize feature.

4. Consistent Visual Style

Consistency creates an identity. Your clients should be able to identify you with a specific style because it builds confidence that you are capable of delivering a certain standard of work. Also, it will encourage reference to other clients when a particular style is needed.

Below Brandon Woelfel, a New York-based photographer is known for saturated neon feel and the use of lights in his photos. From it, he has managed to create a clientele that wouldn’t expect anything more apart from this.

5. Be creative and tell a story

Explore the different ways you would package your agenda. This creates a new playground and would attract more clientele because they are not used to it.

This is what Norway did when they pushed for the #SheepWithAView campaign to market the tourism destination in the country. They used bloggers outreach to facilitate this program.

Follow this link to the youtube video about the campaign.

6. Use Interactive Content

Interactive content is one of the best ways to boost engagement rates. This can use

Interactive video
● Polls and surveys
● Tutorials

This gives people the chance to respond and ask questions on subjects of their interest regarding the product. The marketer is provided the opportunity to explain further about the product.

7. Emotionally connect with your audience

An emotional connection leaves a long-lasting impact. The viewer is most likely to remember, share and like the visual content. They will start connecting your brand to their emotions as long as you find a way to connect with them emotionally.

Visual content is countering any other form of marketing with the rise of visual only sites such as Instagram, youtube and Pinterest. Therefore, proper knowledge of how to utilize these avenues would boost the performance of most companies.


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