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Misconceptions About Coffee That You Need To Know


Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee? There are coffee enthusiasts all over the world trying to find that perfect cup of coffee. Some love to buy themselves a steaming cup of coffee at their favorite cafe or some just simply buy coffee beans in wholesale and like to prepare their special cup of coffee all by themselves. Coffee is one beverage that is popular across the globe because of its unique taste and qualities. Not just that but over the years, coffee has had a variety of flavors to offer. However, there are a few misconceptions about coffee that need to be busted. We have listed a few such misconceptions that can get rid of your inhibitions of drinking coffee.

Misconceptions About Coffee That You Need To Know

“Coffee induces insomnia”

It is one of the most popular misconceptions that has been doing the rounds since coffee was introduced to the humankind. You are often told not to drink coffee after late afternoon to avoid a sleepless night. However, the fact is, the coffee is out of your system way before your bedtime, even if you drink it late afternoon. Sure, coffee helps you in keeping yourself alert, but its effects are very short lived and is easily processed out of the system.

“Coffee can hinder body growth”

One of the most absurd misconceptions that ever exists about coffee is that it can pose a threat to your physical growth. There’s absolutely no truth to this myth, and no amount of research has ever been able to prove anything even close to this. No coffee has the kind of elements that can stunt your growth or pose to be a problem for your health. In fact, many studies have proven that people who drink coffee are less to have heart disease and not only that, but it also improves your metabolism.

“Coffee is addictive”

We know you have been drinking coffee for so many years now that you think you just can’t live without it. Not only that but some people believe their mornings are just incomplete without a cup of coffee. It’s hard for some to wake up properly in the morning without a cup of coffee. But the fact is that coffee is not addictive. You just become habitual of consuming it over the years. Sure it helps you in keeping yourself alert, but that’s all that there is. Various scientific researches have been conducted to prove that coffee indeed is not addictive.

“Darker roast means more caffeine”

There’s absolutely no truth to a statement that says darker roast will offer you more caffeine. Darker roast merely means it was roasted for longer than the usual time that coffee beans are roasted for. In fact, more caffeine is burned off in this process, and you get less caffeine than expected. Various coffee shops that buy coffee beans in wholesale have openly talked about the fact that darker roast doesn’t mean more caffeine. It’s done just to add a different kind of flavor to the coffee.


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