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Living Like The Jetsons: Tech that Makes a Modern Home


Home, a word that brings calming, soothing, and comforting vibes. The word brings back happy memories of the loved ones that matter. Takes you to the thoughts of children, the misses, and everything happy that brings a smile to your face. After a long tiring day of work, the comfort of home is all that replenishes the energy.

Tech that makes a modern home

The weekends in this beautiful place need to be lively. Some fun with the kids in the backyard, a swim with the misses, and BBQ with the friends. The evening hits and you need is entertainment that brings together the entire household. Home, a place that we all want to be, a place we all love.

Let’s give this home a modern touch. Time to give your living space a makeover that makes gets you everything. Entertainment with the family, calming vibes, and ease that takes away the tiredness right out of you. You may have a lot of tech items that make you consider your house to be a modern one. No matter what you have in there, chances are that you are nowhere near The Jetsons. Admitted that we still don’t have flying cars or homes that are in mid-air. However, there still are numerous tech items that can give your home that The Jetsons touch. All while emitting those loving vibes that you want to feel.

Here’s a list that gives your home a futuristic touch, elevates standards of comfort, and makes it a better living space for the entire family.

1. August Smart Lock

Now that you’ve decided to gather gadgets, let’s first start with something that makes them all safe. All that expensive tech stuff and loved ones to keep from unwanted visitors. Get a smart lock that communicates with your phone and opens up using your phone. No metal keys, no complicated lock combination. Just touch the smartphone screen and be secure.

August Smart Lock offers Bluetooth connectivity and certain versions offer both key and apps to maintain the locks. This smart lock lets you off the hook even if you forget to lock the door. Once the door closes it will automatically turn the lock on. You can grant access to multiple users and restrict their usage for a certain time period. The interesting part is that you can integrate your existing lock with the August Smart Lock and it will still work fine. Smart, flexible, and secure!

2. Nest Learning Thermostat

Let’s unlock the door and enter the premises where all you find is love. Unlock the door with the smart device and the next thing you that the temperature inside is too hot or too cold. You rush to the temperature control panel to make the adjustment. That takes time, you first have to put the phone in your pocket put the grocery in the kitchen, and then make the adjustments. In a world of technology that is unacceptable.

Nest Learning Thermostat brings comfort and eases right to your smartphone. Unlock the door switch the app and you are in control of the temperature. Simple to use controls let you make the adjustments with a few touches on the smartphone screen. This is just the beginning. You can take control via the app or other digital home assistants.

What if we tell that there will come a time you will not even have to make any adjustments. You get what you want when you want, and that too without moving a muscle. The app has an AI system that learns your patterns and tracks the adjustment you make. This helps it to make a note and make automatic adjustments to times when it needs to regulate different temperatures. It is smart enough to track the energy consumption, detect your presence, and then make the necessary adjustments. You get an ambiance that you like with energy conservation. You are always in control. Temperature, adjustment hours, and savings!

3. Digital Home Assistants

Getting a digital home assistant will be your official step into the ever increasing trend of IoT. To get you started on this journey, you need two things. First, a connection that matches Local Cable Deals internet speed. Second, a device that can converse with another piece of technology. A digital assistant along with a great internet connection can get you a speaker, radio, TV voice control, and so much more. This is an assistant that controls a string of other devices at home. You may have a heart of devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home but there are plenty of other options to choose from.

This is your gateway to an all-inclusive voice command enabled digital home assistant. This is the beginning where life starts taking a turn to The Jetsons mode. You enter the house and a command is all it takes to turn on the TV and switch to the show that is about to start. You walk in and are in a mood for some music, all you have to di tell your assistant to play it for you. A small piece of tech that controls your gadgets for you. Command, comfort, and convenience!


Why not make our homes an even better place than it already is? More time you save using the devices and managing them, the more time you get for yourself and the family. You can have a home full of gadgets and still not feel right but there are some gadgets that will make you feel that the future is here. The best way to start home automation would be to make it safer. Once safe you can then work on other equipment to make the home like the ones in The Jetsons.

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