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List of Things Not to Include in Your Resume


When it comes to creating a solid and professional CV structure, you need to ensure that you do not include some unwanted stuff on it. There is no catch 22 when it comes to creating a professional image. There are some simple things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that you are able to leave a positive impression. The CV format in MS Word 2020 free download options may not help you and you may not even get a clue using CV software.

List of Things Not to Include in Your Resume

Don’t Put These on Your Resume

The Word Curriculum Vitae or Resume

A good professional CV does not need to have words like “CV”, “Resume”, “Curriculum Vitae” on the top. It is always understood to be a document about your professional life that would decide your compensation based on the potential that you showcase on it. Any modern Resume or CV template in 2019 or beyond would not include such words. It looks out of the place to add such words on the top, considering the fact that this is a marketing CV and represents you in a highly professional manner. Therefore, it is essential that you never ever include them on the top.

Your Physical Appearance

Professional CV and Resume Writing Services don’t care if you are 6 feet tall or have a good figure. Professional Resume service focuses on representing the competitive and practical side of you. Any downloadable free Resume templates that you see online, done professionally don’t have this useless piece of information. A good Resume sample will clearly tell you that your physical appearance must not be included because it may become a source for the employer to discriminate against you. Looks don’t matter in the professional life, instead what you can deliver in terms of qualifications, training, certification, and experience will bring the real value.

Any Disability that is hidden

One professional CV advice given by the professional Resume writing services is that you need not show any disabilities that are not visible. For example, some individuals may have some traumatic experience in their life or have nightmares, that does not mean that you need to put that on the paper. The employers are most interested in your caliber and how much you can put that into practice. Any editable CV templates free to download that you see online will not contain such information. Professional CV layout primarily focuses on what you can do for the employer professionally and also most disabilities do not hinder our ability to work or even if they do we can by effort and hard work overcome them.

Hobbies Not Related to the Job

A professional Resume CV does not have to reflect irrelevant hobbies on it. Your personal sales document needs to tell a professional story of your camaraderie as someone who has earned praise for their hard work. The modern Resume template 2019 primary focuses on those habits that would increase your chances of getting a job. The template CV for IT professional will usually not contain any hobbies if they do, for instance, they may be something developing HTML or Flash games for fun and learning.

Negative Words and Impressions

Avoid using negativity on your professional curriculum vitae. It is the last place where you would like to portray a negative image of yourself. It is essential that you focus on the positives. The personal attributes that you bring to the table and the ones that can help you showcase your talent. There are strengths and weaknesses in each one of us. The idea is to focus on the strengths so that they help you get considered for serious job roles.

Hope this list of things not to include on your Resume would help you showcase your talents in a better manner and increase your chances of landing more interview calls.

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