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Latest Bridal Dresses Trends That Style Up Your Fashion Game


Pakistani weddings consist of almost week-long events and finding unique, trendy, and stylish outfits for all these events is very difficult. Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her big day and for that, she has to make the right decision while choosing her outfits. Many renowned designers in Pakistan launch their bridal collection every year which has the best traditional, trendy, and stylish dresses and it helps a girl to turn her dream wedding into reality. There are many other things like jewelry and shoes a bride also has to take into consideration to make her outfit perfect. Here are some latest bridal trends that will style up a fashion game for a bride.

Tips To Make Your Look Perfect

Here are some tips that will make your wedding day look completely perfect.

  • Choosing jewelry for your wedding day is as important as choosing your wedding day outfit. Make sure the jewelry compliments your outfit but keep in mind that too much jewelry can ruin your whole look.
  • Everyone knows that shoes play a significant role in an outfit so a bride must choose shoes that look perfect with her dress. While buying the shoes she should also keep in mind that it should be comfortable to walk.
  • Many designers like Maria B, Nomi Ansari, Guljee Lawn, and Sana Safinaz have their boutiques in the cities which will make it easy to choose the right dress. Always have a specific budget in mind so that you will know what price range you have to buy the dress.

6 Stunning Bridal Dress Trends That We Absolutely Love

The bridal dress trends change every year in Pakistan, and everyone wants to go with the trend that looks best on them. Here are 06 stunning bridal dress trends that we love.

1. Elegant Head Jeweler

When it comes to head jewelry Pakistani brides always have some unique ideas to make an eye-catching look with their head jewelry. Maang tikkas, grand jhoomars, and pasas are always part of bridal jewelry but there has been some addition to head jewelry in recent years.

These days heavy matha patties and headbands have become more common among brides. These days even the designs of the jewelry are changed from traditional to modern style jewelry that gives a more elegant look to the bride. Now bridal head jewelry is available with stonework in multiple colors.

2. Floral Mehndi For Bride

Mehndi’s design for a bride changes almost every year and the bride wants it to look unique. In past years heavy mehndi designs were very common but in some ways, these designs don’t complement the hand jewelry. The heavy hand jewelry and mehndi look a bit too much and can ruin the whole look.

Last year mehndi designs with glitters and beads became very trendy and they still look amazing. But these days brides are going for floral mehndi designs that no doubt look very stunning and stylish.

3. Yellow Suit for Mayoon Bride

Mayoon is the start of the wedding events and the bride has to look simple yet stylish on this occasion. On mayoon brides usually wear a yellow suit that is neither too heavy nor too simple. The best idea for a mayoon dress is to wear a sharara with a shirt that is embellished with light golden embroidery.

If you want to add some vibrant colors to your mayoon outfit, then giving a minimal touch of blue and pink is a good idea. You can also wear some colorful bangles with mayoon outfit to match the whole theme.

4. Pakistani Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Pakistani celebrity weddings are the best way to get some outfit ideas for your wedding. Many celebrities set new trends for either bridal dresses or bridal jewelry in Pakistan. In recent years Pakistani celebrities like Aiman Khan, Iqra Aziz, and Minal Khan’s wedding dresses created hype in Pakistan due to their unique ideas and how they carried the dress.

5. Nikkah Dresses

Usually, for nikkah occasions, light-colored dresses are preferred by most brides. These days brides even go with a white or off-white dress for their nikkah day to keep the look simple and elegant. If you want your nikkah outfit to stand out then you can also pair it with a bright color such as red, green, or blue.
If a bride does not want to wear any shade of white on her nikkah day then many light color options are available that look good on nikkah day such as skin, peach, and golden.

6. Pastel Colored Dresses For Walima

Usually, brides prefer pastel color dresses for walima to keep their look simple and soft. The main reason why soft colors are chosen on walima is to give a bride a soft look as she has worn bold and dark colors on her wedding day and mehndi.

In A Nutshell

It is not necessary that you only have to go with the latest fashion trends to make your bridal dress perfect. If you want to add something new to your whole look then it is your big day and you should do it.


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