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How to Sell Your Art Online


Selling art online can be challenging compared to other products. That is whether you are doing it part-time or full time. While some artists have been trying to increase their sales for years, others do quite well as soon as they start. The only difference between those two groups is not their skills. It is, however, the techniques they are using to approach their online market. If you want to sell your art online, you need to be creative. You need to know the tools to apply as well as the ideas to incorporate into your online store for you to catapult your art sales. Throughout this piece, you are going to find some of the best ideas on how to sell fine art online.

How to sell your art online

Come up with an app

The first brilliant and fully functional idea of selling art online is by building an app. Thanks to technology, the process of app building has undergone simplification. There are so many platforms that you can use to come up with an eCommerce mobile app that is going to ease the art selling process. Once the app is up and running, all you should do is make it available to various art collectors. That is if you are also selling original art. Use an alluring theme and one that is easy to use. Go ahead and include various payment options so that your customers don’t feel limited. The next thing is to load your art, and in no time, you will start receiving orders. What will market you most is the layout of your mobile app, the quality of your prints as well as the service your customers will get.

Make use of established eCommerce websites

The best way to expand your online market and build up a large following is to use the already established eCommerce platforms. For instance, selling art on amazon is going to expose you to a huge market than selling on your mobile app only. You can also go ahead and learn how to sell art on eBay so that you can widen your reach further. In a day, such sites tend to get millions of visitors. If you have your art displayed, at least a portion of that number will see your product, and a few will develop interest and even place orders. With time, you will be able to redirect your clients to your mobile app, and that’s how to sell art online. You can also expand your reach by including your art on some of the best art auction online sites. If you have high-quality art, such a platform can easily earn you good money.

Use social media

When it comes to spreading news, social media is like wildfire. Posting original art on a platform such as Instagram can reach so many people in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is be convincing enough to initiate likes and get followers. You can also use platforms like Twitter and Facebook to capture people’s attention. You should, however, keep in mind that social media requires you to be proactive and creative. You need to post daily, and also you have to come up with hashtags. With time you can create groups and keep updating for art lovers. After some time of hard work and constant posting, you are going to build a significant following. You can now start working on converting your followers into cash.


Blogging is also among the best ideas to sell art online. Blogging is creating content and sharing it online. Whether you are offering print-on-demand services or simply selling art, blogging can help you a lot. That is because, within the content, you can include the link to your eCommerce website. You can also go ahead and convince people why they should buy your art. Now that you already know the niche you are writing about, you can go ahead and start looking for keywords. You should also include backlinks so that Google bots crawl your content and give you a high ranking. While blogging, make sure that your content is captivating. Include intriguing anchor text and embed a link to enable anyone interested to reach you. Also, have a look at some selling art online best sites to know what they are doing right then use it to stay ahead.

Interact with your customers

Another tip on how to make money selling artwork online is to interact with your customers. All the above tips can enable you to get clients. You now have to keep those clients and so that you can keep selling prints to them. Interacting with your clients is one of the best ways to keep your customers around. First, make sure you provide excellent customer service. You should then make sure that you keep updating your existing customers. That may be using push notification or through posting new content. You should even come up with an email list so that you can send them special mails. After some time you are going to increase your sales. It is a method you can use not only to sell paintings online but also to increase your revenue. As you will find out, selling drawings online for money is not easy. So make sure you keep every client you get.

The information above gives explicit details on how to make money with art skills. Using the ideas provided will enable you to widen your market and sell artwork all over the world. The techniques apply whether you sell art prints online, original art, or personal paintings. They also help you to keep your hard-earned customers. You must appreciate the existing customers, and that is why sometimes you need to give some of them art discounts. Anytime they have a query, you should be there to answer or rectify the mistake. That is how you end up building your online reputation.

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