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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Handmade Jewelry


Handmade jewelry continues to stir the imagination of fashion conscious women all over the world. Their aura, popularity and beauty seem to be intact despite a flood of commercially made products clogging the market. Since they are the labour and toil of artisans who pour their heart and soul into making them, it’s only natural that people would take notice of them and get charmed by them. More importantly, handmade jewelry has more art, craft and texture than those produced on mass scale using machinery. All this is the reason why women still prefer them over anything else to look beautiful, classy and eternal in true sense.

7 Things You Didnt Know About Handmade Jewelry

Here are some of things to know about handmade jewelry –

1. Made by hand with no machinery involved

As the name rightly suggests, handmade jewelry is made by hand that makes them more precious than their counterparts churned out on mass scale using new technologies. There is absolutely no use of machinery in creation of these jewelleries and every aspect of them – right from shaping to sewing to carving to soldering – is done manually.

2. An art form that takes a lot of time in fruition

Handmade jewelry is an art form in true sense as it’s devoid of any machinery and technology. So, it’s quite natural for artisans to toil hard and take a lot of time in creating even one piece of jewelry. Every single bead and thread is arranged by hand according and sometimes according to the specifications of clients, so it may take even weeks to finish just one piece of jewelry.

3. A passion for artisans with local process in place

Handcrafted jewelry would not be possible if it were not for the passion of artisans who are always driven by the desire to offer value to customers. Every artisan or maker follows a unique process and rhythm in creating the jewelry and he/she knows virtually every curve and line on the jewelry. This is how a masterpiece is created in true sense.

4. Use of high-quality materials

Handcrafted jewelleries are never made from commercial compulsions. Their creation emanates from the artisans’ passion for their art and their desire to provide value to clients. So, such people never compromise with the quality and always use high-grade raw materials sourced from genuine places only. Unlike commercially produced jewelleries, buyers can always be sure of getting value for their money with handmade pieces.

5. Long-term value

Handcrafted jewelleries are for long term and their charm will never fade easily. Neither will then snap with just few usages nor break down within months of use as artisans use only classy materials ethically sourced from reputed vendors. The longevity of handcrafted pieces is due to the fact that everyone involved in the process – artisans, makers, suppliers – shares the same ethos where customers’ priority is always foremost.

6. A possession to be proud of

When you buy handcrafted jewelleries you know you are investing in something that you can feel proud of for years to come. You pay for a piece of art whose makers (artisans) themselves feel proud of their work and they will never allow poor quality to reach to their customers. More so, when you wear these jewelleries you will feel the effect in terms of admiration and wow achieved from customers of all hues.

7. Support to local art and craft

When you buy handcrafted jewellery online you know you are taking a noble gesture to support local art and craft. The money you spend will help preserve an art form that is going on for generations. More so, you will add value to the local people and motivate them to serve customers ever better in days to come. More importantly, you will also contribute to the environment by not giving into products involving the use of machinery and deteriorating the carbon footprint around.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, buying handcrafted jewelry is much more valuable thing than you can imagine as it’s not only an art and a craft that is supported by local people of an area. So, it makes only sense that you knew how these pieces are made and contributed to the precious art involving the use of hands only.

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