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How to Save Money On Groceries Online In 2021


Sometimes buying groceries comes with some extra costs. These charges can be marked-up prices, delivery fees, and peak-hours surcharges.

How to Save Money On Groceries Online In 2021

This blog will not tell you to save money by cutting down on your groceries. Keep on reading to know how to save money on groceries online in 2021. These tips are mentioned below:

  • Use coupons & promo codes
  • Avoid delivery fees
  • Subscriptions
  • Check your emails


Several online grocery delivery apps offer subscription membership plans. You can buy monthly or annual membership according to your needs.

In these membership plans, customers dont need to pay the delivery fees. A monthly Instacart membership plan for a month can cost you $9.99 and for yearly will cost $99.

Some grocery companies also offer free trials of their memberships. They give this to attract new customers. It is very simple to avail free trials, you just need to sign up in the respective grocery app or website.

A grocery app development company is the one that helps grocery businesses to add this feature to their websites and apps.

Even though it is easy, one should think carefully before signing up. Membership plans are best for those who do grocery shopping frequently. Subscriptions can easily save money on groceries online every month.

Use Coupons & Promo Codes

Deals and offers vary from services to services that you use. For example, you can shop from Walmart because it offers $10 off on orders over $50. This offer is only for new customers.

Instacart automatically executes the manufacturers’ coupons. The manufacturer dont give coupons on all goods. Instacart further emails its consumers constantly for promo cards and coupons related information.

The majority of the grocery delivery services deliver coupons and promo codes. These codes are accessible most of the time on their apps and websites.

Check Your Emails

All the grocery delivery companies occasionally email their special offers to their customers.

They might send promo codes for discounts, special discounts for you, and could be a free product.

Check your emails before shopping from any grocery company to save money on groceries online in 2021.

Avoid Delivery Fees

Delivery fees are imposed on top of the cost of your grocery goods that you purchased. The charges of delivery will differ from services to services.

Some grocery stores take delivery charges on all shipments while some put order value limitations to avail the free delivery. You should avoid paid deliveries by ordering groceries in bulk.

For example, In Instacart, you can avail free delivery by purchasing a specific amount of grocery goods from some selected brands.

Consumers who hold an Amazon Prime membership can order free grocery delivery. Amazon Prime membership provides a free delivery option on amazon purchased products.

Amazon delivers fresh vegetables and fruits into Prime subscriptions. This subscription is available in only some regions. This means that only prime members who live in those certain cities can only enjoy free deliveries.

Pay with Cards

These days online grocery shopping apps run offers on a purchase paid by some particular credit or debit cards. These offers on cards change from time to time, it is not permanent.

Customers receive cashback on the shopping they made at the online grocery apps. This cashback can be 10% or 15% or 20% on the amount you purchased. This is one of the best ways to save money on groceries online in 2021.

For example, A customer will get $200 cashback when he spends $1,000 on his grocery products.

Organize your Grocery

Sections of fridge, freezer, and pantry help us to organize our food.

You can make sections for milk, cheese, meat, vegetables, fruits, condiments, meals, etc.

You can use some labels also for sections. Organizing your groceries can help you to know easily what groceries are over.

The more the family members the less your groceries will last. And the sections of the fridge will get empty fast.

You can also think of a separate freezer to store your groceries for longer times, this can cost you a little bit high but this investment will be worth it. It will be easier for you to organize and see what you have. You will not have to dig more to find foods to get to the bottom.

Don’t buy More

You should not buy more than our grocery needs. Many times we buy more groceries because of the deals running at that time.

We all love good deals and offers. if you keep buying more and more products that may stop you from catching the new deals in the future which might be more exciting than now.

Buying something just because it is on sale, will not help you to save money on groceries online in 2021.


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