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End Of Tenancy Cleaning: What is This Service? What To Expect? How To Organize One?


You might have heard of this type of professional cleaning service. Many of us have ample knowledge on this topic, however there are those that are about to encounter this service for the first time at the end of their tenancy. Learn more about the end of tenancy cleaning service and why you need to organize such service for the property you are renting.

Landlords and estate agents specifically outline in their tenancy contracts of the obligation to have the property professionally clean at the end of its tenancy and bring it to the condition in which you have checked in. This is one of the conditions that need to be met in order to have your deposit returned.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning: What is This Service? What To Expect? How To Organize One?

What is an end of tenancy cleaning though? This is a professional cleaning service that will deep clean your property on a professional level, which is something that you cannot achieve on your own by using cleaning products from the local supermarket. You will need to contract a professional cleaning company for that.

More often than not prices might vary depending on the size of the property and the price list of the company you have contracted with, the final cost also depends on whether you have included professional carpet/upholstery cleaning, which is often part of the tenancy contract cleaning requirements.

It is very important to remember that the company you have chosen offers a fully guaranteed service, where you can request a re-visit to re-clean any missed areas so you can end your tenancy without any issues and with a full return of your deposit.

You must also make sure to obtain a full list of all cleaning tasks included in the end of tenancy cleaning service package of the company you have chosen, as those need to match the requirements of your landlord/estate agents to ensure that there is no area missed during the clean.

You have agreed on a price for your end of tenancy cleaning? That’s great! Now you need to make sure that your property will be fully vacant and without any personal belongings on the day of the cleaning you have chosen, as those will prevent the company from providing a quality service and will actually obstruct the cleaning.

Make sure to grant free access to the property and request an invoice from your company. The invoice must clearly state that the property received an end of tenancy cleaning and professional carpet/upholstery cleaning (if any). Such invoices are requested as a evidence for a professional clean by the landlords/estate agents and inventory clerks. After presenting such invoice you will be able to receive your deposit without any hassles.

We hope that the above will help you out on your quest to receive your deposit back successfully!

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