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How To Render Some Instagram Charm To Your Email Marketing Efforts


Photographs or snapshots are emotional and psychological time machines. They have the capability to transport you to realms that you’ve only dreamed or imagined. Photos remind you of past experiences and memories you yearn to recreate, and infuse inspiration and motivation for future exploits.

How To Render Some Instagram Charm To Your Email Marketing Efforts

It’s not the pictures themselves that spawn a flurry of emotions, but the aspirations and memories you associate with them.

  • Instagram is a visual and pervasive platform. The best brands on IG understand the photos they share are pivotal components of brand building.
  • When the aim is to sync your email marketing drive with your photos or vice-versa, you need to first tell a captivating story.
  • Instagram is an ideal tool to build a strong emotional connection or affinity with your brand.
  • Instead of publishing photos that merely highlight your products, you should share pictures that evoke passions, dreams, feelings, and ideals and values you want to associate with your company.
  • Preparing your Instagram images entail four primary ways. They can engage or help your followers.
  • To gain attention and traction, ensure that your photos tick or touch at least one of the five main categories.
  • When you’ll send emails to your readers and prospective customers, the photos need to be topical or timely, trending, or snackable or original.

Role of Instagram pictures in your emails

It could be about an event or about a sale. Either way, nobody gets a kick by checking their mailbox. On the other hand, social media is something that’s perpetually exciting and unpredictable. That’s why over 28% (a quarter) of the average time of a user goes with social networking.

  • However, it doesn’t necessarily mean social platforms are more profitable.
  • You’ll find that Email ROI continues to surpass social media.
  • What marketers and brand should strive to do is fuse live social media feeds and integrate them within their inbox.
  • In this way, you blend Instagram’s engaging capacity with email’s ROI power.
  • Instagram is an exceptionally powerful medium because 45% of online customers are more likely to engage with brands or influencers that post product photos.
  • Just like the web world, email is also fast becoming a compelling visual medium.
  • People opening their emails on their mobile devices are mostly skimming the content before hitting the trash button.
  • An Instagram picture, which you’ve already primed for posting and sharing, can boost your email campaigns’ effectiveness.
  • Integrating email marketing strategies and social media doesn’t require too much effort than what you already have.
  • A photo that resonates on Instagram can also have a dramatic impact on your email.
  • More than 46-48% of internet users bank on social media to make a purchase decision.
  • Nielsen research says that social media platform like Instagram has become a major destination for people looking for a potential purchase.
  • The type of vetted and marked social content has the power to make or break a product, even in your mailbox.
  • By featuring awesome Instagram photos that uphold the product and showing user comments praising the product, companies can create better and more authentic sales.
  • It’s also instrumental in educating customers about the product from the email.

Understanding email engagement

The word engagement’s significance in email marketing underlines the degree to which subscribers spend time with your email messages or pay attention to it. Even if someone clicks through your email, it’s a form of engagement.

  • Social forwarding or sharing a message would also fall under the same category.
  • You need to watch out for some metrics, such as read rate, social sharing, and click-through rate and forwards.
  • The catch is that not every activity stands for engagement. If you’re opening an email just to delete it, you’re not an engaged audience or subscriber.
  • Using Instagram content in your email material or newsletters is a lit idea. It’s generally prudent to use social images.
  • Instagram, specifically speaking, has something special to offer. Over 76% of all emails carry social icons. However, only 14% contain social images.
  • Keep in mind that Instagram is the reigning king of social media engagement. It has already surpassed Facebook and Twitter by leaps and bounds.
  • You can easily add an IG account and link the same to your account.
  • It’s also easy to use your IG account. That also gets you some new followers for Instagram.
  • Depending on your nice, adding your Insta images to your email and pairing the fold with a coupon can fetch you rich dividends.
  • So, how do you find Instagram photos to feature in your email marketing strategy? Beauty and fashion brands are leading the way.
  • The feature IG content, which includes UGC and their own content in their website and emails.
  • That’s how you build a large global community. Photo challenge or content and hashtag engagement, both offline and online are great methods.

Photo resources and ideas to build your business

Instagram is giving a fierce competition to every social media network in the market. With countless brands, selfie-takers, and influencers vying and vouching for your prospective audience’s attention, you have to get it right with your email marketing strategy.

  • The game starts with hashtags. To spread brand awareness, use popular hashtags with each post.
  • Frame these tools around your post’s content. Also involve the currently trending things.
  • Continuing with the brand building concept, sharing pictures that feature your staff is a great way to showcase your personality behind the corporate facade.
  • Pets are great for Instagram photos. Nothing can absorb social media user more than cute and cuddly pet.
  • If you don’t have a dedicated company mascot or logo, you can just get one for boosting brand awareness.
  • If you’re running a vet shop or Animal Adoption campaign, a pet’s pic becomes all the more imperative.

Wrapping it up

Enabling remarks and voting on your online contest page will help you in collecting email addresses. This information is the key to creating your email list. You can then generate sales and revenue through email marketing.

A bonus entry competition is also good. You can get more followers with such a contest.

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