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How to Prepare Your Home For Summer


Crossing spring feels like achieving a big milestone, but the thought of deep cleaning your home in anticipation of the summer is the last thing you want to engage in. However, it’s necessary since you’ll spend most of the days at home. And you can bet there’s nothing better than chilling in the backyard with BBQs and cocktails to play the part. On that note, here are a few tips to help you prepare your home for summer.

How to Prepare Your Home For Summer

Prevent Summer Mold

The summer season comes with relatively higher temperatures. The more you expose floors to the summer weather, the higher the chances of mold growing in your home, especially if you have wooden floors. Several methods exist to prevent mold from developing on your floors. Switch from wooden to tile floors if you want a lasting solution against mold growth. You can find a good selection of Victorian-style tiles on sites like originalfeatures.co.uk.

Upgrade Your HVAC To Manage Humidity Levels

An HVAC system can be one of the most useful appliances during the summer season. Ensure to keep it functioning at its peak as you enter the summer season. Why? Apart from hot temperatures in the summer, stagnant air humidity levels below 60 percent can make living uncomfortable and increase mold growth. HVAC systems can extract water vapor from the air regulating your humidity level. An effective HVAC system improves air circulation throughout the home, keeping mold spores from settling.

Open Windows For More Fresh Air

Letting your home naturally aerate during the summer is a must, especially if you’re not one to leave the AC on for an entire day. You can install filter screens on your windows to ward off bugs and other insects.

Mow The Lawn

The summer sun breaks out mosquitoes, ants, and bees. Apart from these summer pests, some states may experience grasshoppers and beetles in swarm quantities. Also, snakes may start appearing around your home, especially if you live close to a large open field with low grass. They come out during the warm season for several reasons, including hunting for food-seeking shelter. Tall and sneaky lawns can serve as hiding spots for these snakes; therefore, it’s crucial to trim your lawns, increasing your curb appeal in the long run.

Keep Garbage Bins Clean

Summer temperatures can hasten the spoiling process of discarded food. You’ll have to regularly clean your bin to avoid the smell of rotten food in your home. Ensure your garbage bin or bag dries properly after rinsing. Sprinkling baking soda evenly on the bin’s base can absorb volatile chemical compounds and prevent food odors.

Flower Up Your Garden

The summer weather enables flowering plants to bloom, giving your backyard a colorful and inviting look. You can also talk about the captivating aromas of freshly flowering plants in a backyard garden. There’s a tall list of flowering plants that do well in the summer. Lilies, cheery yellow lantanas, and gloriosa daisies are perfect examples, and they don’t require much attention.

All in all, summertime is always a fun time. Preparing well for the summer can be a great way to turn the fun up a notch during this summer season.

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