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How to Keep your SNS Account Secure?


People love social media! Today almost every teen and most adults use social networking sites. Social networking sites provide a good platform to connect with our family and friends. You can do voice chat, video call, share posts with people who are sitting miles away from you. It is a good place to enhance your social connection. But many people use social networking sites for wrongdoing. If you want to keep your data safe then you must adopt a few security measures while using social media.

How to Keep your SNS Account Secure

Use Strong Password

Password hacking is one of the most common threats related to SNSs. Teens are more into password hacking. If you don’t want to get hacked then you must use a strong password for your account. People usually keep their phone number or DOB as their passwords. Never use this kind of information as your password. Any person who knows about your personal details can easily hack your account. The password should be unique as well as long enough that nobody can guess it. Many people use the same password for their various accounts. But they are not aware that if the hacker gets your password then he can access your every account. But the problem is remembering numerous complex passwords are difficult. You can use a password manager as it keeps your password secure from hackers. You just have to remember one master key and then you can easily access your passwords.

Always open SNS account on your personal device

You should never open your social media account on public devices especially on cyber cafes. There is a good possibility that public devices have malware like spyware and other bots. If you open your account on public PCs, the malware like keyloggers may steal your data. So, it is better to use social media only on your personal devices.

Ignore anonymous friend request

SNS provides a platform where you can make friends from around the world. But not all people are worthy to be your friend. Many cybercriminals create fake accounts and send friend request in an account of stealing your personal details. They can steal your photos and other details for inappropriate work. Always keep your profile private. Whenever you get a friend request; check the whole profile properly. If you find anything suspicious then do not accept the request.

Use a secure browser

You should always use a secure web browser while accessing social media sites. The secure browser keeps your data protected from various malware and threats. McAfee Activate Product Key provides secure browsing feature that ensures that no malware and enter in your network.

Do not share sensitive data

People like sharing lots of posts. You can share your photos, your travel blogs, quotes, and various things on the internet. But you should be aware of what information can be wrongly used. Never share your phone number and address on social media.

Too much sharing of information on social sites can result in fraud, social bullying, and stalking kind of activities. Using a few security measures can help you to keep you and your society safe.


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