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Insight to Hidden Secrets of a Good Bridal Hairstyle from the Best Stylists


Only times the song “ I hate you like I love you” makes sense to me is when I think of my hair. That is the kind of relationship a girl has with her hair. On some days these tresses take me by surprise and on the days when I want them to behave, they simply refuse to. Imagine your hair decides to play enemy on your D-day? The very thought can be devastating right.

We leave no stone unturned to make your wedding day the best and the most memorable day of your life. Here we are once again bringing you the only guide you will ever need to leave no face unturned at your wedding.


We have learned about the importance of good makeup and hairstyle from the brides who made it to the charts time and again. Choosing a hairstyle can depend on a lot of factors including but not limited to the shape of your face, length, and texture of your hair, the outfit chosen, etc. Find the best makeup artist in Lucknow in your budget and share your favorite hairstyle with them. Here we bring a guide that can fix even the worst hair day and make you look like a diva walking down that aisle.

Braids for brides – Though the braided hairstyle for brides dates back to centuries ago there has been an evolution in styles like none other. If your chosen outfit is a traditional silk saree then have no second thoughts about choosing a braided hairstyle. A classical braid for a traditional look to a voluminous messy braid for a modern look. You can also further choose anything from a simple 3 stranded braid, french braid, dutch braid or a fishtail braid.

Buns – hair buns can be as fancy and as comfortable as one’s need. For a bridal updo, hair buns are best suited on a lehenga or designer saree. Again there are plenty of choices to select from like a Classic bun, tall bun, tendril twist or coiled bun to name a few.

Messy – sometimes mess can be good, especially when it is referring to a hairstyle. The good news is an array of styles in this particular category goes well with any outfit. You can have a messy updo or you can choose an open hair look.

Curls and waves – Not all curls are bad. If you have natural friendly curls and you want to embrace them or If you don’t have natural curls and still wish to add a curly or wavy look, please go for it. Half-open or fully open hair both looks great. Choose curls or waves for an Engagement, reception or sangeet where your outfit is not completely traditional. This style works really well with indo-western outfits.

Combination of bun and braid – why choose one when you can have the best of both? Bridal hairstyles being an extravagant affair, there is nothing wrong with combining two or more styles to have the best outcome. A puff with a braid or a braid with a bun, it works wonders both ways.

Accessorise – Though very prominent in South India, now even North Indian brides are choosing to heavily accessorize their hair on their wedding day. Some brides are choosing real gold jewelry for their hair, others go for artificial accessories. It not only gives you a royal bridal look, but it also makes your wedding hair-do unique and instaworthy! When we talk about accessorizing hair, we are spotting brides who are completely covering their hair with real flowers. Adding roses has always been a bridal hair trend, but brides now are going for different flowers.

The most important thing for a bridal hair is the accessory. Whatever style you choose don’t forget to pair it with appropriate hair accessories. There is a range of hair ornaments and accessories to choose from. If you want to keep it minimal then at least just go for some fresh flowers. But, in no case would you want to skip this because it adds another dimension to your hairstyle.

So that’s all that you need to know for having your wedding day and a good hair day coincide. Now you can enjoy the paparazzi at your wedding and thank us later.

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