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How to keep your roof clean?


Roof cleaning is important because it is the most visible part of your house. Dirty roof looks bad and leads to damage. So, it’s better to maintain your roof, especially before rain or snowfall, winds and high temperature. If you have moved to a new home in Houston using the apartment locator Houston websites, chances are its roof would be dirty. We are here to describe you the tips on how you can keep your roof clean.

How to keep your roof clean

1. Regular Assessment

The best and easy way to maintain your roof is to assess it regularly. During all four seasons, try to keep an eye on your roof. Do it especially after rain or snowfall, thunderstorm and heavy winds. Make sure that the condition of the roof is the same after the natural hazard. If you observe any damage, call a rood expert immediately.

2. Clean Gutters

The clean roof is somehow related to clean gutters. Keep your gutters clean and debris free, so that the rain or snow can move easily downstream. During autumn, the leaves fall and clog the gutters. Later, in winters, the snow melts and excess water will trap on the roof. This will lead to roof damage. During spring, the water will start leaking through the roof. Make sure that the roof gutters are clean. Trim and prune the nearby trees on time to avoid gutter clogging.

3. Professional Checkup

It’s good to hire a professional once a year, to check the condition of the roof and maintain it before it gets poorly damaged. The professional will observe your roof and fix all the issues the first time. You can also climb up your roof and keenly examine the condition of your roof. But if it seems difficult, you can call a professional to examine and treat your roof well in time.

4. Prevention

The roof of your house will remain clean if you keep cleaning it regularly. You should take a few steps to prevent the algae and moss growth. Regular cleaning roof debris will also be helpful. The accumulated debris absorbs the moisture and promote algae growth. Try to clean debris twice a week to prevent your roof from algae and moss. Additionally, make your roof exposed to sunlight. Trim the nearby trees, this will make the roof free of fallen leaves and the sunlight will also reach the roof.

5. Roof cleaners

You can also use roof cleaners, to clean the roof. These cleaners are effective and can easily be used. The cleaners can be harmful to the plants and trees. It is recommended to read the product description carefully before using them. Plants friendly cleaners are also available in the market. Now just buy a roof cleaner and clean your roof regularly.

6. Old technique

Scrubbing is an old technique used to clean the roof. Many experts still recommend this technique to clean a roof. This technique requires an effort but gives good results. Use a roof cleaning brush and clean the roof using water. If the roof is algae affected, expose it to some heat. When the algae gets dry, it will be easier to remove it.

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