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How to Detect Lost Android Phone with AVG


Anti-Virus Guard or AVG antivirus is one of the top antivirus suites in the market which is developed b AVG Technologies. AVG antivirus can run on all platforms such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, as well as Android. This antivirus has all the advanced features of a top antivirus such as periodic scan, scan received and send email, quarantine area, repair virus-infected files etc. But the best feature of AVG antivirus is the anti-theft feature. The anti-theft feature of AVG antivirus is the best among all other antivirus programs available in the market. You can only use the anti-theft feature in Android 6.0 or above. But remember, always use legitimate AVG antivirus. To ensure that you are using legal AVG antivirus, always activate your AVG antivirus with AVG Activation Key. This key will provide you with the authenticity of the product.

How to Detect Lost Android phone with AVG

Here are the steps for activating the anti-theft feature in your Android device:

i. Open your Android device
ii. Turn on the internet connection or Wi-Fi
iii. Go to the Google Play Store
iv. Tap on the search bar
v. Type “AVG antivirus”
vi. Press the ENTER button
vii. AVG antivirus will display on the screen
viii. Tap the install button
ix. The AVG antivirus will start downloading
x. Wait for few seconds
xi. After complete download, the installation of AVG antivirus will start automatically
xii. Wait for some time
xiii. After installation, you will see AVG icon on your application list
xiv. AVG icon will also be added on your home screen
xv. Tap on the AVG icon
xvi. Sign in to the AVG account
xvii. If you don’t have an AVG account then create an account with your email or your phone number
xviii. Allow AVG antivirus to access your location
xix. Now, register to the Anti-Theft feature and now you can detect your device from anywhere

Here are the steps for finding your android device with AVG Anti-Theft feature:

i. Open your laptop or PC device
ii. Connect it with internet
iii. Go to the web browser
iv. Search for AVG official website
v. Sign in to your AVG account with your credentials
vi. Go to the “Locate” button and tap that button
vii. The Google map will open on your PC device
viii. Now, you can check the easily track your Android device

Top features of AVG antivirus:

• Safety scan: As you know that online safety is one of the top concerns today. AVG antivirus helps to secure your data and keeps your device protected from all types of harmful malware. In account to protect your documents and other data, this antivirus encrypts and keeps all the important files onto a virtual disk on your device. All that files are protected by a password. It also provides a data shredder which helps to deletes the files or documents permanently from the device that nobody can recover them. It also provides anti-spyware which detects all harmful spyware and adware from the device.

• Link scanning: AVG antivirus also helps for keeping your network safe from all types of cyber attacks. It scans the search engine results before loading on the web browser and shows you the safety ratings.

• Email shield Technology: AVG antivirus provides an email shield feature which automatically scans all the incoming and outgoing emails and removes all the data which contains malware or any malicious security threats.

• Remote management: AVG antivirus gives the facility to the admin to install and configure the software remotely from one location.

Hence here are some of the points that has been mentioned on how you can detect Lost Android phone with AVG.


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