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How to Defend Yourself When Charged with Arson in Chicago?


Arson refers to deliberately burning a property. Most arson charges involve setting fire to a house or building. According to the Chicago Sun-Times report, in 2020, there was a rise in arson incidents by 65% compared to 2019.

How to Defend Yourself When Charged with Arson in Chicago

If you are charged with arson, the first thing you need to do is hire a criminal lawyer Chicago to defend yourself. Defending against arson charges is complicated due to the backdrop of revenge or insurance claims in such cases. The attorney will study the case and use the best strategies to defend the arson charges against you.

To understand how the attorney will defend the charges, you need to understand how police investigate arson incidents.

How Do Police Investigate Arson Incidents?

According to a Chicago fire department report, there are around 1200 fire cases in the city every year that merits investigation. When a fire happens, the Fire Marshall conducts a fire investigation. The area is cordoned off to preserve the property’s condition and help the investigation process.

A well-trained investigator is called to the accident place to find the origins of the fire and if there was an accelerant used.

How Will an Attorney Defend Arson Charges Against You?

Most people have homeowner insurance policies, and the investigative agencies mostly think people set the property on fire to receive monetary damages from the insurance company. A knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Chicago will help in building a defense against these charges.

Gather Evidence

The lawyer will attempt to gather as much evidence as possible for your defense. They may gather a solid alibi or witnesses that are beyond question. In most arson cases, friends and family are not enough to prove that you did not have any motive as suspected by the investigative agencies.

The attorney might also hire an investigative team to collect evidence that can be used to prove another party was responsible for arson. The lawyer might prove how one or two persons planned a conspiracy against you to harm you and the residence.

A fire investigator hired by the lawyer might prove in the court that the fire was accidental due to the materials lying at the place, and you had no role in the fire accident.

The lawyer could also hire a private investigator to reveal details missed by insurance adjusters or the Chicago police department. In simple words, the attorney will do everything possible to defend the arson charges and seek justice for you.

Prove Not Guilty

During the great recession of 2008 and 2009, the Chicago fire department noted a dramatic increase in real estate fires. The police believed that these fires were set by homeless people involved in rioting activities.

The judge’s verdict is essential to avoid fines, prison, and other Illinois state penalties related to arson charges. The Chicago criminal attorney will continue to defend you until the judge proclaims you are not guilty.

To sum up, fighting arson charges alone is difficult as the investigative agencies and the insurance companies prove you are guilty. The hard work and dedication of the attorney can keep you away from penalties and prison that can cripple the arson accused.

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