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How Long Do Invisalign Braces Take to Work?


Invisalign braces are the most common way of fixing the teeth spaces, teeth alignment and overcrowded teeth. People prefer to have the Invisalign braces as they are transparent and don’t affect the aesthetic look. However, the question is, how long does it take to treat the misaligned teeth with the help of Invisalign braces Norwalk?

How Long Do Invisalign Braces Take to Work

Ideally, it takes around 16-18 months to fix the misaligned teeth. However, the time of correcting the tooth spaces may increase or decrease depending on the severity. For example, overcrowded teeth may take longer to correct the alignment, and it may take more than two years to fix the issue.

Read on to learn more about Invisalign treatment and how it helps to treat the misaligned teeth.

How Do the Invisalign Braces Work?

Invisalign is a transparent tray made with plastic that fixes on the teeth to correct the teeth alignment. The tray creates pressure on the teeth slowly and rearranges them. The patient needs to wear the invisible braces for at least 20-22 hours per day.

The best thing about the Invisalign braces is these are easy to remove, so the patients can easily brush their teeth and apply the Invisalign tray. Moreover, it is also helpful in hiding the chipped and crooked teeth, so you don’t need to worry about the looks of the teeth and smile confidently.

The aligners create pressure on the teeth, thereby moving them slowly in its position. The movement of the teeth is relatively slower and noticed when displaced greatly.

During the treatment time, the best orthodontist Norwalk will provide three consecutive sets of trays which patients wear during the entire process of the teeth space correction. The aligner tray is created by taking the sample of the teeth socket so that it fits accurately.

How Much Time Does It Require to Correct the Teeth Alignment?

The time of the treatment depends on the condition of the teeth. It usually takes six months if a few teeth need to align. But it gradually takes 16-18 months to correct the tooth spaces.

However, if the patient has a severe condition such as overcrowded teeth, suffering from overbite issues, and whole teeth are misaligned, then it may take more than 22 months to treat the alignment of the teeth.

Moreover, if the patients do not wear the Invisalign braces regularly, it may take longer than 18 months. So, to get the result on time, you need to wear the aligners properly and follow the dentist’s guidelines.

What Kind of Things Can Affect the Invisalign Treatment?

Every patient’s mouth is unique, and it is impossible to give you an exact idea of how much time it takes to fix the teeth. However, certain factors and conditions can affect the Invisalign treatment. Due to these factors, the time of the treatment may increase.

• Teeth Crowding

The patient with crowded teeth affects the timing and treatment process. The person with a smaller jaw usually has the problem of misaligned teeth. This may happen due to crowding. In minor cases of teeth crowding, the alignment can be corrected within six months. But if the patient has severe crowding, then it may take a longer time.

• Age of Patient

The effectiveness of the treatment also depends on the age of the patient. If you are a teenager, your teeth are in growing condition, so your teeth tend to have faster results than in those aged patients.

However, in some aged patients, the movement of the teeth to the original position is faster. But the age genuinely affects the time of the treatment.

• Gap Between the Teeth

The teeth gap is often called diastemata which results due to overgrowth of the tissues and teeth. The larger the gap, the longer it takes to correct the misalignment of the teeth by Invisalign Norwalk. If the gap is larger, then it may take a long time to correct the tooth spaces.

Minor gaps will be corrected within a few weeks. However, patients with severe gaps may have to take the treatment for more than 18 months.

• Overbite/Underbite

The person with an overbite takes a longer time to correct the teeth spaces. For example, if crowded teeth overlap the lower or the upper teeth, it may take more than 18 months to correct the teeth spaces.

Is Invisalign treatment really effective?

According to a recent study by a group of German researchers, Invisalign patients saw an improvement in their oral health and experienced less irritation, when compared with patients wearing fixed orthodontic appliances. Invisalign can effectively treat simple, moderate, and complex cases including overbite, underbite, crossbite, Open bite, or gapped teeth. With advanced technology, Invisalign can be similarly just as effective as braces.

Bottom Line

Teeth alignment time may vary from patient to patient. However, it usually takes more than 18 months to correct the overcrowded and misaligned teeth. Moreover, the treatment cost may also vary from place to place. But the average braces price in Norwalk ranges between $3000-$5000.

Also, the treatment time may vary if the condition of the teeth is severe and the patient has crooked and chipped teeth.


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