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How KENT CamEye Stop Distracted Driving


You often get irritated when you see a driver ahead of you busy over a call or watching something on the phone while driving. Other times few drivers overtake your car, almost sideswiping you.

How KENT CamEye Stop Distracted Driving

These situations can be controlled and here is how it can be done. But before we go further lets understand what Distracted Driving is?

It is quite common that people get distracted and it could be anything that takes your attention from driving. It could be using talking on phone while driving, taking a sip from your coffee, lighting a cigarette, or even just trying to play your favourite track on the music system. Here are some of the major reasons for distractions

1. Attending calls while driving:

Most of the time, you must have seen cab drivers on call while driving. This often results in accidents that could be easily avoided. Either you have to sensitize the driver or you have to track his activity while driving.

2. Eating/Drinking While Driving:

Driver often put their and passenger’s life at stake while having food & driving on road. Though it’s a common behaviour, it’s also riskier than we realize as the distraction level is high here.

3. Multitasking:

It’s easy to recognize why people think multitasking is a good thing. Who doesn’t like to get more achieved in less time? That’s why talking on the phone, texting, locating your preferred tune on the radio, and navigating to your subsequent destination may not be the high-quality idea.

See Bad Habits with a Car Camera:

All of these recommendations depend upon trusting your drivers. But let’s be realistic: It will be tough to keep them accountable by just hoping they adhere to these instructions. You have no idea what’s happening in a car as soon it is out of your sight.

That’s where a device like KENT CamEye comes in play. This device features dual cameras to record the inside well as everything happening outside the vehicle. Both cameras can be used to live stream videos on a mobile phone. The device even offers an in-built GPS tracker and can easily track and update the real-time location of the car. It also allows playback of the route travelled on a map and can send alerts on a mobile phone.

As a car security device, KENT CamEye is the essential choice for anyone worried about their family, business or their car or vehicle. The device helps the owner in preventing the misuse of the vehicle and safeguards the interest of the business. It’s entirely made in India and is available on Amazon India and on cameye.com. The device is available at a price range of Rs.17, 999 and offers 3 months free subscription after which monthly and yearly subscriptions are available.

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