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How Beginners Can Buy the Right Boxing Gloves?


Boxing gloves play an important role in the game and if you are new in the world of boxing, it is essential to choose the right boxing gloves. Unless you have an idea, choosing the right boxing gloves can be a tough task for amateurs. Gloves offer proper protection and choosing the wrong products may lead to physical injury over time.

How Beginners Can Buy the Right Boxing Gloves

The gloves are worn in the ring, at practice, or training and hence one should focus on the quality before making a decision. In this article, beginners will get the right guidelines for choosing the right boxing gloves and one should not miss it.


Boxing gloves come in a different size. One must determine the size before taking a look at different products. In general, gloves are displayed in ounces and commonly people choose 12oz, 14oz, and 16 oz for practicing. For sparring needs, you can take a look at 14,16,18,20 oz and it will be helpful.

A lot of people recommend choosing from the heavy gloves just because heavier products offer better protection to the hands. The size may depend on your body weight and purpose and you can ask for suggestions while investing in boxing gloves.

Type of Gloves

Different types of boxing gloves are available nowadays. People need to choose a specific type of gloves depending on the purpose. When it comes to beginners, they tend to prioritize protection over anything, and for that, you should opt for bag gloves or general training gloves.

Bag gloves are ideal for practicing at home and the padding is good and you won’t get hurt during practicing. On the other hand, you can also opt for all-purpose training gloves that can be used for a wide range of activities. If you are about to buy boxing gloves for the first time, research on the type of boxing gloves and the process will be easier for you.


Materials are important while buying boxing gloves and buyers need to learn how quality impacts the product. Don’t opt for advanced boxing gloves at first. You can invest in basic but good quality boxing gloves and if that suits you, you can proceed to buy advanced models later.

Although heavy gloves offer optimum protection, it doesn’t offer ease of use; the lighter gloves are easier to carry and you should prioritize your purpose while choosing the material. Study on the materials of boxing gloves so that you can invest in the best quality gloves.

Velcro or Laces

A lot of people seemed to be confused while choosing the gloves. The laces design offers improved wrist support and right fit but you cannot get such wrist support and tightness in Velcro boxing gloves. On the other hand, many trainers say laces are not practicable since you cannot tie the laces.

It is possible for professionals but as a student, it will be bad if you have to call your trainer for tying up the laces every time. Both boxing gloves are used in certain circumstances and you can ask the suggestion for your trainer about which one to choose.


The cost of boxing gloves may vary in stores and hence buyers are advised to make cost comparison before making a decision. If you are buying online, make sure to check the price so that you can avail the best deals. Many platforms offer seasonal discounts, coupon codes for first-time buyers and you can take that advantage.

These are some of the best tips for beginners for buying boxing gloves and we hope they will like it. For any queries, they can consult with their trainers or write us back to get more suggestions like this.

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