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Habits That Might Be Degrading The Quality Of Basketball Flooring


Basketball is a competitive and fierce game. The game requires high stamina, endurance, and energy levels from the players. The players’ train day in and day out to keep their performance levels high during the game. The game requires the players to be focused, highly athletic and organized and dedicated towards the game. However, the game is not only about the players. The game is also about the technicalities involved in the game. For example, the ball, the basketball court length, the net height, the floor of the court. All these are essential aspects of the game, which can not be ignored. Speaking of the technicalities involved in the game, the floor is the most expensive and crucial among all. The floors of the basketball court are of three types based on the type of material used in the construction of the floor. The following are the three types of basketball floor:

  • Hardwood floor
  • Concrete floor
  • Multi-purpose courts

Habits That Might Be Degrading The Quality Of Basketball Flooring

Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floor is made of wood flooring and is thick. This is done so to absorb the impact of the players that might fall during the game time on the floor. To minimize their injuries, a high absorbing wood floor is used to construct a basketball floor. The wood also has massive resistance to stress and strain, as most of the basketball floors serve multiple purposes. For example, in most of the schools, the basketball court is used for dance performances and meetings. The wood floor is also quite bouncy as compared to other types of flooring. The wood flooring requires maintenance and upkeep to ensure long life.

Concrete Floor

As the name suggests, a concrete floor is made up of small pieces of concrete. A concrete floor is also commonly known as the asphalt floor. A concrete floor is mostly used in community game centres. The concrete basketball floor is open as it can withstand harsh weather conditions. This kind of basketball court flooring requires little to no maintenance. Also, the movement of the players on such flooring is not as fluidic as compared to the hardwood floor.

Multi-Purpose Floor

Multi-purpose floorings are generally made out of plastic. The plastic multi-purpose flooring is a modular flooring option. This means that a layer of concrete is first laid out on the floor. The concrete layering is then flattened, and afterwards, the plastic flooring is placed upon the concrete.

So out of all these kinds of flooring, hardwood flooring is the top-notch quality, but it also requires constant maintenance. So to lower the maintenance costs and help you with the upkeep of the wood flooring of the basketball court, here are some habits that might be degrading the quality of your basketball flooring.

Shutting down ventilation

The wood flooring needs air and sunlight to maintain its durability. Shutting down ventilation for a longer period of time might degrade the quality of the wood flooring of the basketball court. So make sure that you keep your basketball court well ventilated.

Using tape on the floor

Using tape on the wood basketball floor might strip the floor of its shine. The tape also scratches away the protective layer of vinyl-coated upon the basketball floor. So do not ever use tape on the basketball floor. If you really should use the tape, then there are floor protective tapes that are easy to apply and easy to pick. Keep in mind to use those tapes.

Modifying without consulting a specialist

Installation and repairs of the wood basketball flooring are done by dedicated specialists. These specialists know the details and characteristics of the wood flooring of your basketball court. By doing it by yourself, you might end up with a damaged floor, and then you will need to call the technicians. So it is better to call them first.

Fluctuating temperature and moisture

You might have heard the famous phrase, “too much of anything is bad,” that is exactly the case with wood and moisture. Wood is a porous material and will always soak up any extra moisture. This extra moisture will cause the wood to swell up, and your floor gets damaged. On the other hand, if there is no moisture and the wood is in direct sunlight, the wood will become dry and shrink. So it is necessary to maintain a steady temperature.

Get rid of the aforementioned habits to make sure that your basketball floor has a long life span. And if you are planning to replace the old basketball floor in your institution, you can always reach out to flooring companies online which offer quality flooring at most competitive market price.

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