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Five Misconceptions about Location Tracking


GPS is the primary source of radio-navigation, living in an era that relies on technology for every means. It’s technology which gives the GPS receiver the exact geo-location and time. While GPS appears to be a benison in both civilian and military applications, the tracking still has myths.

Five Misconceptions about Location Tracking

GPS tracking is the navigation and real-time position functions on smartphones and apps and sounds as a luxury, yet there are many myths and misconceptions associated with tracking. Here are the top 5 illusions about this:-

Debilitating the trust of employees:

The key misconception about Location tracking device‚Äôs installation emerged in the form of “we trust our workers, so no GPS tracking.” This myth about monitoring GPS to hamper employee trust originated as a simplistic question. The key argument that dismissed the above-mentioned theory can be interpreted as-GPS tracking has resulted in reduced maintenance costs, increased trips, driver safety, and many more factors.

GPS is all techie & complicated:

The fleet management system today is aware of the use of GPS and is better supported by them to monitor their hardware. While GPS was introduced as the best way to keep track records, some industries running traditional technology and work culture considered it to be a newbie for the industry and brows raised to embrace it.

This second prevalent misconception can therefore be surmounted by understanding the industry’s ease of GPS. Many of the providers simply set up the simple GPS tracking system because technology is not just the main criteria behind the setup. Specific information about downloading and setting up a GPS will help quickly even if the provider doesn’t have it pre-installed. Therefore it breaks the misconception behind GPS as a help to the only tech-friendly companies and individuals.

GPS tracking comes with a system that needs to be tracked easily and efficiently on the vehicle / machine / computer. Therefore, the device is mounted in each of the vehicles to keep a close eye on navigation.

Use of GPS is expensive:

Some industry experts think use of the GPS tracking is wasteful and acts as an expensive solution. This is a major misconception about GPS tracking which serves to be beneficial as it provides the real-time position, vehicle / machine status, stop and travel route counts, fuel consumption, etc. This data turns up to be the useful to keep an eye on the entire structure and thus it becomes the optimizer of costs.

GPS tracking is a product:

Many follow this above idea about GPS tracking as an individual product and assume that it can be produced by them in their own industry. At its basic level, GPS tracking needs to be fully understood as a service and not a product. This is clarified by the concept of GPS itself as a technical aspect of navigating and interacting with cars, devices and locations and maintaining a track. The industrial sector should recognize its benefits and adopt it for their development instead of seeing it as a commodity.

GPS is for big names:

All kinds of businesses can quickly take advantage of GPS monitoring and experience a strong growth rate in their specialization. Because of this, any company will experience increased revenue, customer feedback in real time, live information and much more.

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