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5 Behaviors To Tell A Professional AC Technician On Arrival


An efficiently working air conditioner is very important for comfort. In case your unit begins showing signs of breaking down, calling a Houston AC technician is the proactive thing to do. However, there is no guarantee that the technician who arrives will leave you with an awesome experience. It is not easy to find an air conditioner service company that delivers WOW experience for its clients all the time. After calling the service company, here are 5 behaviors to tell a professional AC technician on arrival.

5 Behaviors To Tell A Professional AC Technician On Arrival

Matching the bio

On calling a reputable AC service company, you receive a message with the bio and picture of the assigned technician. This is a sign of professionalism before the technician shows up at your premises. Most significantly, you will have peace of mind knowing who is expected to show up. On arrival, the person should match that in the message.

This gives confidence that the person you are allowing access to your property is the one sent by the service company. Reputable companies do a background check, rigorous training, and screening before handpicking a technician for the job. This ensures that the technician who arrives has the experience and expertise to handle your task.

Showing up on time

It is very frustrating and inconveniencing to call the AC service company only to be kept waiting for hours before the technician arrives. This is quite an unpleasant experience; by the time you request for their service, the environment might have become uncomfortable. Waiting too long for the technician to arrive exposes you, your family or staff and customers to more discomfort.

By the time you get on the phone to request for air conditioner repair in Houston TX, a professional technician shows up on time. The ideal company takes customers’ appointment time very seriously. This allows the technicians to always be on time. The service company schedules technicians to handle less daily calls to ensure that you get on-time service always.

Arriving in a company uniform

After getting off the phone, anticipation is always high waiting for the technician to arrive. However, you are bound to become uneasy when the purported technician arrives looking like a sob. This is a clear sign that the company cares less about brand image. You are likely to begin wondering whether the carelessness in presentation doesn’t crossover to their work ethics.

A technician from a professional service company arrives in a clean uniform and branded vehicle. This gives him a neat appearance with a ready to work appeal. And, the technician will carry a clearly visible ID photo badge. You can ask to check this to be sure that you are dealing with the right company to restore your air conditioner.

Asking if where they parked is okay

A company that focuses on giving customers an awesome experience always trains all technicians to be respectful and polite. So, expect the technician to ask you whether where they parked is okay. This is to limit inconveniencing your staff and other people with whom you share the parking. Luckily, technicians from such company park perfectly fine most of the time. Asking whether they parked right shows respect for your property and limits unnecessary confrontations.

Wearing shoe covers and drop cloths

Any technician who comes and just walks into your home puts you at risk of introducing dust, debris, and germs into your home. These significantly affect the health of occupants and indoor air quality. This is why a professional technician puts slip shoe covers over their shoes before entering your home. Doing this limits carrying debris and dirt into your home.

Additionally, the technician will use drop cloths and floor mats around the work area. This ensures that the place is clean after the task is completed. To limit potential oil or fluid leaks, the technician will carry special drop cloths in the service vehicle. All this is to ensure that you don’t end up with a huge clean up when the technician leaves.

And keep in mind…

You get to notice all this in about 5 minutes before the technician begins to work on your air conditioner. And, the technician continues to show you great humility and respect throughout the project. A professional AC technician never hesitates to ask if you need assistance with any other issues regarding heating and cooling or task around the house at an extra fee. All this is to give you a truly wow experience by the time the technician leaves.

Wrapping up

Calling a technician is a proactive thing to do to keep your air conditioner running efficiently. This allows doing routine maintenance and replacements to protect the unit from breaking down. However, the results from the project depend on the technician. The tips above help tell a professional technician in about 5 minutes before letting them into your home or office.

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