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FAQs about Web Hosting


Web hosting is important for all sites. A site can’t be made live without a proper and professional web hosting and domain registration service. Here are some FAQs regarding the topic to increase your knowledge.

FAQs about Web Hosting

What is a Web Hosting?

Web hosting is more like an agreement between the website owner and the hosting company. A specific fee is charged on a monthly basis to provide a space for holding website files on web servers. Servers are type of computers which hold all the necessary data related to your website. You can consider it as a storage area with windows that people browsing the internet would visit.

To launch a site live on the internet, you require a website hosting account. Instead of buying a web server which costs thousands of dollars, you only need to lease some space in a web server. These services are offered by web hosting providers to help you connect with the digital world at an economical price.

How to Find the right hosting plan?

There are different hosting types and the web hosting plans are based on these different hosting types. Before comparing the plans, you need to understand the different types of web hosting options that can adjust your website’s data. For small business owners, there are cheap shared web hosting plans available. For businesses who want freedom regarding their hosting account, a strong and powerful VPS hosting plan can be selected. Lastly, if you want just one server for your website, you can consider the dedicated hosting plans.

Web Hosting Price Range

The price has become quite confusing for the website owners. Many companies offer a cheap introductory price only to make it expensive later on. You must compare the different features offered in different web hosting packages before choosing the one for your website. Understanding the different features offered by hosting providers will help you pick the right plan at the right cost.

What is the difference between web hosting and domain registration?

This is a question that comes into the mind of every person connected with the internet world. Here it is briefly discussed below:

Web Hosting as also mentioned above is where you can store your website files on a server. It is more like the place where you website resides digitally.

Domain Registration is the address of the website which people type on the internet to open it. There is a lot more to both these concepts, however the above definitions give an overview to business owners interested in web hosting and domain registration.

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