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Educational Activities At Dubai Aquarium And Zoo – A Brief Guide


School field trips are common everywhere, often to places where kids can learn and interact with unique natural phenomenons. Despite out of the study content, trips and visits are also intended to educate kids about various activities. Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo is a spot that will never disappoint teachers and kids on a study trip. With fun and education at the same place, the Aquarium could be the best choice to learn and experience new things. This article will explore some of the educational activities at the underwater zoo. Keep reading to learn more!

Educational Activities At Dubai Aquarium And Zoo - A Brief Guide

Education at Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo: A brief overview

Education at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo incorporates assorted projects for school, visitor, and local area instruction. The Ocean School Education Program is committed to public and tuition-based schools all through the UAE and covers a wide scope of educational activities for different age groups.

The education programs at the underwater zoo intend to educate students about marine life and creatures. A concept called conservatism is rarely taught in schools, and the Aquarium tends to promote that concept in kids. When kids interact with marine animals and see them, they naturally develop a sense of love and friendship with these habitats. The activities greatly help persuade kids to become marine biologists and study conservatism to save these creatures.

Fun-packed experiences for junior aquarists:

The educational and school trips to Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo are fascinating. Kids can have a great chance to learn new things about marine creatures and interact with them. The underwater zoo offers entertainment activities like animal encounters, shark feeding, and swimming with dolphins, wherein kids can see how these animals behave and live. Senior and junior aquarists can have equal opportunities of learning and interact with these marine animals. Are you interested in learning amazing facts about sea creatures? Grab your Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets today and pay a visit!

The Ocean School Education Program:

The ocean school program contains numerous activities intended to educate kids about various animals and their behaviors. Following is a detailed breakdown of this program.

i) Jewels of Arabia Programs:

As the name suggests, the program revolves around the species and animals found in the UAE. From different species to water turtles and other sea creatures of Arabic waters, the program will educate kids about the jewels of Arabia. Moreover, it also highlights the trophic zones of the UAE and the habitats found in each ecological time.

The Jewels of Arabia program intends to grandstand the stunning habitats and species of the UAE. Subjects of study incorporate mangroves, deserts, and watercourses. Students will find out about many occupant species, including the Arabian Oryx, Flamingos, Sea Turtles, and some more. Nearby practices and UAE culture, including the historical backdrop of pearl jumping, are the program’s additional features.

ii) Conservation Programs:

Numerous factors are contributing to the loss of animal species. These issues are regarded as global environmental issues, incorporating pollution, climate changes, and environmental changes. The conservation principles are intended to educate students about these issues and how to save these souls. Doing so will awaken an eco-friendly human inside them, persuading them to become marine biologists in the future.

These emphasize an assortment of worldwide natural issues like living environment loss, contamination, environmental change, poaching, and overfishing. By zeroing in on what these occasions mean for creatures and their surroundings, kids will find out about different conservation rules that form mindfulness and motivate activity to secure, advance, and save our planet.

iii) Early Childhood Programs:

The fun at Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo is not only limited to aged youngsters. Kids can also have a fair chunk of it. Various activities at the zoo are designed to educated and entertain kids and young aquarists. They can have an informative and inspiring jouney in the Aquarium.

Ideal for youthful students, these depend on showing ideas like Color and Pattern, Sequencing, Language, and My Place in the Environment. The projects offer an intelligent, enlightening, and rousing excursion through Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

iv) Survivor Programs:

You must have a question in mind, like how the animal find food that they like? How do they survive in harsh aquatic environments? Well, it’s good to be curious, and the survivor program will answer all your questions. Your kid must have questions like these in mind. Help him/her find answers to these questions by taking them to the zoo. Take your tickets today and pay a visit.

They are focused on the transformations that creatures use to endure. They address a few inquiries, for example, how creatures deal with a flourish as people or in gatherings, how they discover food and shield themselves from the climate and hunters, and why some are fit to chilly climate while others are native to blistering environments, among others.

Educate your kid outside the class at the underwater zoo!

Not all the lessons are learned inside a class premises. Kids are to be taken on field trips to make them see practical things. Dubai Aquarium is one of the spots where kids can learn about nature and wild life animals. Don’t forget to pay a visit.

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