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Best Interior Decorating Secrets Tips


Hello, everybody. This post is all about my top favorite home improvement tips. So stay tuned.

A super-easy way to make a window look larger with your drapery panels. It is our dining room and we were bummed it didn’t have a bigger window. So what we did was we had the rod.

Best Interior Decorating Secrets Tips

What you’ll see when we hang the rod, it’s actually about 8″ wider than the window, so that when We are opening the panels all the way, it really gives the illusion that the window is a lot bigger. Don’t forget, hang your draperies as high as possible. It is another one of my favorite home improvements tools. When you open the door, the light turns on. When you close the door, the light turns off.

A little button right backside and the door hits it.

It turns it on, turns it off. you’re going to love this feature. So we really hate cords. And when possible, we try to camouflage them. And one of the ways we do that, if we have a room that has carpet, is we take that cord and we are tucking it under the carpet and under the baseboard and a lot of cords they have like a little groove in it.

We take a screwdriver very gently and the lamp is unplugged, but we gently start to push it in between that carpet and the baseboard. Once you get it started, it is super easy to tuck under and you have a lot of areas that you don’t see. Cord, another home improvement idea that we think is you have to have a little bit of Skilton Woodworking, which God has, but it’s still a very budget-friendly project and that is to add a header to the top of your window.

If you take a lookup window and you want to make sure the board that you use is the same thickness as your actual molding that goes around your windows. We put a board across. We put a little bit of trim on top, painted it the same color as the trim on the window. Not only did it make the window look larger, but it made it absolutely from plain to absolutely beautiful.

Something that drives me nuts is when my wall decor is crooked. Simply add some poster tech and it will never be crooked again.

We love to entertain, but We love my guests to feel comfortable, and one of the ways We do that is We don’t ever want to have to worry about coasters on furniture.

The trick is we use what is called tongue loyal to you, energy oil.

We are applying the tongue oil to a dry wood surface. Give it 24 hours to dry and then it is water and stain-resistant.

Coffee table when we do a closeup shot of it, it’s not shiny the tongue while we probably did it probably 3 months ago. But again, that is perfect. We don’t have to worry about grandkids or family or company coming over and putting glasses on the table. We want people to feel comfortable and We want a low maintenance home and tangoing on your furniture is the way to do it.

When you’re looking at something in your home, whether it’s a light fixture or your great one or a piece of furniture before you decide to go shopping for something new. Do you like the structure of it, the bones of it, if it’s a piece of furniture, and think through whether or not it can be painted because you can save a ton of money?

A boring builder brings them up to date with some black first solium spray paint. Much better.

If you don’t want to have your great black, let me give you another color. That is probably my top favorite one to use again. Rust Oleum. We are their product, not an affiliate. Love their products, but it’s in the color dark bronze and it is a hammered metal. What’s cool about this is when you spray-painted on it, there’s something about the paint. It just kind of separates a little bit and it really does give the lookup a hammered metal.

My bedroom furniture before it was a rich cherry, we bought some rust oleum chalk paint in the color gray and it turned out beautiful.

My fireplace before we moved in. All we did was prime it painted white, and then Scott added a new mantle.

If you’re on a budget, get a lamp remote, light up the room, and then off to turn the lamps off. You can also use Alexa to turn on and off your lights.

We sure hope these tips were helpful. Remember, sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a really big improvement.


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