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Durable, Fastidious, Protective: Forma Riding Boots


Forma Adventure Riding Boots were launched just a few years ago. These boots are manufactured in Romania and can be found as a part of big adventure biking kits. If you are looking for a rugged yet stylish option in adventure boots, you should definitely consider Forma. Not only do these heavy shoes make you look cool while on your superbike, but they also serve the purpose. So, while these boots are sure to give you that motocross appearance, they will also protect your feet and keep them from feeling sweaty or soggy.

Durable, Fastidious, Protective - Forma Riding Boots

These boots are comparatively affordable as there are a lot of other ones in the market that cost higher but offer similar quality. When it comes to comfort, the Forma Riding Boots are great, as they are easy to slip on and take off. Apart from this, these boots are really sturdy and have that biker look you would like to sport while off-roading or setting out on an adventure. As the boots are waterproof, they brave the weather and are perfect for muddy hiking trails and trekking.


These protective and super comfortable riding boots are available from size 38 to 49 and you can find them in the colors black and brown. They come in two versions – tall and low. Made by an Italian company, these boots are not only stylish but give a rough edge to your adventure biker look. Since these boots are mostly composed of leather, they are ideal for muddy and dirty roads. So, whether you are flat tracking or off roading, Forma Adventure Boots are definitely going to complement your needs.


The only issue with these bulky boots is that they do not tuck in properly inside riding denims. If you have thinner legs, they come a little loose at the calves unless you tighten the buckles, put on thick socks and riding leggings underneath. You should also keep in mind, to order a size larger than your original size to maximize comfort while riding.


The comfort factor that these boots come with, makes them great to wear throughout the day whether you are moving around or travelling. Even if you like to hike around a little after parking your bike, these shoes give you maximum convenience to do so. In the winters, you can add socks to the boots to feel warmer and cozier. The boots are also 2CE rated and come with a hard protection around the ankle and sheen. At the outside of each foot lies a slider which enhances your experience of riding by adding to your comfort. However, adventure biking shoes are undoubtedly supposed to be more robust than this.

The Forma Boots are better for walking on pavements and well-spread gravel roads. But when it comes to moisture, rains and muddy tracks, these shoes do an excellent job as they come with drytex lining that keeps the insides from feeling soggy. However, the lining moves up just a little above the ankle, so it is better to wear trousers over the boots. Since the material is breathable, your feet will not sweat or slide within. All in all, even though these boots are a little too bulky for extreme sports, they are definitely the best one can get at the pricing that it is available at.

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