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Do Jerry Cans Only Work on Trucks?


A wide range of jerry cans have unique mounting systems that are designed to be used on off-roading vehicles, specifically, in Truck Driver industry. That being said there are options if you need one for your motorcycle, rally car, 4×4 van conversion etc. But maybe, there is one best off road gas can that generally beats the rest. As we all need the same basic things.

Do Jerry Cans Only Work on Trucks

A specific RotoPaX gas can motorcycle mount doesn’t exist. They did design a universal mounting system. These mounts are designed to be very adaptive so they can be used on most if not all wheeled contraptions you can lug to the dirt.

1 gallon water and gas cans stacked on a motorcycle. Now you have to ride leaning to the right. Great for barrel rolls while hitting jumps tho.

Motorcycles that have a luggage rack on the rear of the seat can utilize a RotoPaX standard mount with little configuration. The plate mount will need to be sandwiched against the bikes rack with a lower plate.

Or you can utilize the countersunk holes in the RotoPaX mounting plate and drill directly into the biker cargo rack if you can get them to line up correctly.

Putting a 4 gallon can on your bike may not be the smartest idea. It’s best to stick to the 1 or 2 gallon cans.

If your car or van does not have any racks, ladders, extended bumpers, or exterior rails mounting an offroad gas can with a mount is damn near impossible.

There are easily removable bike racks you can fit to your trunk of your car. They are designed to hold bicycles so they will have similar weight limitations. Some styles won’t have the locking functionality and some will depending on how you mount it. The bike rack listed above can lock into the car hitch. They can be a great temporary option if you are limited. Or you can just drill through your panel and bolt the damn things directly to your door (permanently).

With a van a ladder or bike lock can be utilized with tube mounts (RotoPaX style only). Roof racks are ideal and you can take advantage of the stackable options to really save some space.

How to Use Rotopax Gas Can

The idea is to put a plastic jug on the side of your ride securely. We do that by using their mounting system. RotoPaX cans are pretty darn simple. Watch this video and you’ll get the idea:

What are Some Rotopax Alternatives?

There are many offroad gas cans on the market. Hell, just go you any gas station and you should see a gallon tank for someone to walk in and buy one after brazing the highway on foot after their car fell a mile short of reaching the gas station.

But these types are used for one-time or short period situations. They have to be carried in your trunk (smelling up the entire car of gasoline) and then stored in your garage.

They are made of polyethylene. That means gas eats through them with time. They should last through a weekend trip to the hills but they are not viable long term. There are other substitutes you can find.

The Wavian 20 liter is used by the United Nations. It is made of 0.9mm cold rolled steel and the inside is lined with “fuel resistant Rezol enamel” to prevent rusting. There are many complaints how the spout doesn’t want to stay on or can get leaky. Overall it is a great design, sturdy, and it is military grade. (Current prices for the Wavian 5 Gallon).

If you search Amazon there are a lot of new off-name brands selling fuel cells with OK reviews. Their pricing is similar to other big name brands and their features are as well.

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